Winners announced in security system giveaway

Don Hoperich is one of the lucky winners.

Don Hoperich is one of the lucky winners.

PALMDALE – The City of Palmdale’s Neighborhood Services Department has announced the winners in their recent portable vehicle security system giveaway.

The lucky winners from Palmdale are:  Don Hoperich, Susie Peters, Diana Edgel, Jay Walters, Liz Kissling, and Walter Arauz. The portable car security system is valued at $80.

The contest was open to Palmdale residents 18 years and older. Entrants simply had to log onto and click on the link to enter the drawing.

“As the weather begins to change, vehicle thefts tend to rise,” said Deputy Eric Caplinger of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “Many of these thefts are attributed to vehicles left unattended and running in front of homes to warm up the interiors. Preventing the ‘warm up’ thefts alone will have an impact on the number of vehicles stolen in our community.”

“But why stop there?” asked Caplinger.  “Why not make it as difficult as possible for a thief to steal your vehicle? Security devices such as the ones the City of Palmdale is giving away are excellent deterrents to car thieves”

For more information, call 661-267-5170.

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  1. dumbandblind
    December 20, 2013 at 9:49 am

    Those devices only work for the advantage of car insurance companies therefore should be given to car owners for free for paying expensive premiums every month. If thieves want to steal your vehicle they will no matter what deterrent you have. Mine got stolen at gunpoint!
    What I learned from my experience is that having good coverage is the only way to go. I got a brand new vehicle from what had happened to me.

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