Introducing… Your Issues | Your News

Whats your storyWe have created a new section on called Your Issues| Your News. This section allows you, our readers, to submit opinion letters, as well as local community news stories with photos. You retain copyright and credit for your works. We are simply helping to get your stories out to a broader audience.

A proud parent sharing information about their child’s softball game, a teacher writing about a school program, an activist talking about their local community organization, or an appreciative neighbor highlighting a resident making a difference in the neighborhood are all welcome to submit entries to Your Issues| Your News.

Some of you may want to expose a local scam or to demand answers from elected officials in order to agitate for change. This type of citizen journalism is welcome, as well. But you must steer clear of personal attacks, gossip and vendettas. We trust that you know the difference.

Your Issues| Your News has already started!

Well before we launched this new section, we received your letters (which played a huge role in our decision to launch the section.) We’ve selected the timeliest of the bunch to launch Your issues| Your News. View them below, or click on “Your Issues | Your News on the menu bar.

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Advice on learning from the NEW Doctor Mooney

Empowering Our Local Schools

Where real estate is heading

My views on racial hate crimes in the AV

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