Palmdale robot busts a move for charity

Meet PHRANQ, the dancing robot. He is open to supporting great causes, and would love to do more events around the Antelope Valley area.

PALMDALE – Donte Newbill has found a way to put the “fun” in fundraising. The 25-year-old Palmdale resident moonlights as PHRANQ, the dancing robot.

PHRANQ has a CRT monitor for a head, plays music out of his chest and busts a move for charity.

PHRANQ calls Palmdale home.

“I didn’t want donating and helping other people to seem like such a chore,” explained Newbill. “I wanted to bring some excitement back to wanting to help others, make people smile while donating, and help them feel like they did a good thing!”

Newbill said he has always been interested in helping others, but wasn’t sure how.

“When I was younger, I had this mentality that it was hard to help others,” said Newbill. “In reality, it’s not. There are so many ways to help others beyond donating and giving money.”

Newbill’s innovative fundraising idea started with a CRT monitor, which he eventually expanded into a complete costume with the help of his wife.

“My wife is completely supportive of my idea,” said Newbill. “She is interested in helping others as well, so she backs me 110%.”

After receiving positive feedback over his robot costume, Newbill began seeking a different way to bring cheer to others.

He contacted several charities that sparked his interest, before deciding on an organization that helps hungry children and families world-wide.

“Children’s Hunger Fund just seemed to have fit,” Newbill said.

Newbill covers all costs for the costume himself, so that all proceeds from the dancing robot can go straight to Children’s Hunger Fund. Around $100 has been raised so far, with a goal of $300.

Currently, PHRANQ is just dancing for Children’s Hunger Fund. He is open to supporting great causes, and would love to do more events around the Antelope Valley area.

Newbill, before PHRANQ takes over.

“If anyone would be interested in having a dancing robot that plays music out of its chest for an event, and would like to help families in need, then I know the perfect robot,” said Newbill.

If you would like to help PHRANQ, the dancing robot, raise money for Children’s Hunger Fund, you can do so here.  For more information on Children’s Hunger Fund, visit If you are unable to donate, spreading the word about PHRANQ is more than enough, Newbill says.

Outside of PHRANQ, Newbill is a videographer, editor, and script writer for commercials, music videos and other projects.

View video of PHRANQ, the dancing robot, spreading cheer throughout the Antelope Valley this past holiday season.

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  1. Samiam
    January 13, 2013 at 10:58 am

    What a wonderful thing for him to do! I have seen him around, he has a ton of fans and he loves making people happy.

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