Reward proposed in Army veteran murder case

Family and friends of Nathen Taylor, as well as The Community Action League, ask the community for help to find the people involved in Nathen's death.

LANCASTER – Family members of former Army Sergeant Nathen Taylor pleaded with the community Thursday morning to come forth with any information regarding Nathen’s murder. As an incentive, County Supervisor Michael Antonovich proposed a $20,000 reward in exchange for information leading to the capture of those involved.

Tiffany Tillman says she hopes people will do what is morally right and come forward with information regarding her fiance's death.

“I really hope this reward will get people to come forward,” said Tiffany Tillman, Nathen’s fiance. “You would be surprised with what small amount of information would help. I ask you to please please come forward…we’re not going to be able to rest until justice is served, so we beg you whoever might know something or who saw something, please come forward. Please help us.”

Nathen Taylor was shot and killed in front of his brother’s home at 733 West Avenue H-7 in Lancaster. The sheriff’s department is still investigating the shooting.

“More than anything we just need to have whoever did this behind bars,” said Kinnzie Taylor, Nathen’s sister. “My brother, the way he was killed, everyone should take it personal…that could be your father, that could be your brother, your son. So everyone should take it personal and everyone should try their best to get involved.”

She added that she’s not sure how much offering a reward will help, but she said she hopes it will give some incentive for people to want to speak up.

“At the end of the day it’s in God’s hands and we just pray that someone above all will know that it is morally right to come up and say something,” Kinnzie Taylor said. “We just pray that that is something that will make people want to talk.”

Because of gangs in the area, Kinnzie Taylor said she recognizes that people may be afraid to report something.

“There’s a street code, and that’s what they like to go by so they can be scared or they don’t believe in snitching or whatever it may be, but my brother was not a gang member,” Kinnzie Taylor said. “He does not live under that street code. This is a man who served his country, that’s the type of man he was.”

Family and friends are also asking the city of Lancaster to give their support by adding on to the reward proposed by Antonovich.

“We think this is a bold effort for Mike Antonovich and the board of supervisors to step forward,” said Reverend V. Jesse Smith, a member of The Community Action League. “No other elected official has done that as of yet. It’s a community effort as well and that’s why we’re here with the family on behalf of the community.”

“Our brother Nathen Taylor has been murdered in our community,” said Pharoah Mitchell, another member of TCAL. “This is each and every one of our brothers, our sisters and our young men. We as a community are standing up as a whole against the few to let them know we’re not going to accept this in the Antelope Valley community.”

Anyone with information on the murder of Nathen Taylor is urged to contact Sergeant Richard Garcia or Detective Mitch Robison at 323-890-5500. Anonymous tips can be given at the “Crime Stoppers” hotline at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).

Antonovich’s $20,000 reward offer is expected to be approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, May 22.

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  1. Abdul Majeed Askia
    May 21, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Some of us don’t understand the importance of consistency ! To gather
    on a consistent bases to address issues will make a diffeence. It takes
    time before matters register in the subconscious. Nor do we understand
    the importance of speaking a mattr into existence ! If we want change,
    if we want to stop the violence and/or create peace in the neighborhoods
    it first starts with an idea, a thought! That is, we have to speak it into
    existence ! It is like having a diet plan, the diet first starts
    with a thought, and secondly you have to be consistent and stick to the diet plan ! In this case it is stop the violence, addressing violence
    every once in awhile is not going to put a dent in crime!Consistency !

  2. ed
    May 20, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    I was Completely flabbergasted at the response that Mayor Rex took to the offer of help by the T-CAL activests. I understand that they, T-Cal, were instrumental in getting the Los Angeles County Council to offer a reward. And further that they offered a telephone number for anonymous calls and the number of the local Shreriffs, for any one with information that could help in the investigation. Now what is the matter with that? Did it ever occur to our esteemed leader that maybe somebody with information would not trust the Sheriffs Department? Or is it maybe that he would not get credit for it?

    • Maria
      May 20, 2012 at 8:55 pm

      Whenever the Sheriff’s are involved in an active investigation there are witness confidentiality and evidence integrity issues to be concerned with and protected. Compromising these matters can greatly harm the integrity of the investigation, as well as possibly place the safety of the reporting parties at risk. For this reason, Parris asks the public to report any and all information directly to the Sheriff’s Department. Sorry to burst your bubble Ed but I don’t think this is self serving. Like the gal that turned herself in a few weeks back. She called and wanted some community action league organization (sorry I forgot whom..TCAL?) to turn herself in to. She spoke to the newspaper BEFORE seeking legal council. Because of this she may have jeopardized her case. Let’s not jeopardize this case. I would like to see these killers punished to the fullest extent of the law!

      • S. Parker
        May 20, 2012 at 9:14 pm

        I agree. Civic organizations have no business getting involved in these matters. For the safety of all involved tips should go to the cops and NO ONE ELSE. TCAL should not be muddying up waters they are not equipped to swim in.

        • ed
          May 22, 2012 at 5:37 pm

          In a perfect world you are both correct. We do not live in a perfect world. If you were an illegal immigrant who witnessed the incident would you call the Sheriff?

  3. T-Bone
    May 18, 2012 at 6:36 am

    You can challenge the Churches all you want…They wont pay attention to you! Why didn’t you speak at this announcement? Oh because you were not invited again?! Right, Right. Like I say, at least you still have the AV Times to do all of your non-sense on. Why don’t you go into the neighborhood where this happened and go door to door for this family if you want to help? Oh, because you are scared? The All Talk, No Action, National Speaker! Email address and Phone #…Really! You sound like a begger!

    It should be…

    • Abdul Majeed Askia
      May 21, 2012 at 6:02 am

      Tbone my approach is somewhat different than most. I am not perfect
      and I make mistakes but I will say what I think is the truth and/or
      the best approach to matters. Correct. I am not a police officer,
      F.B.I. nor any other type of law enforcement. One does have to be
      careful not to cross the line and/or over extend yourself. I agree
      that we should support the familes who have lost love one’s. I
      agree that we should all be out raged when innocent people have
      lost their lives but I also agree that as everyday citizens we are
      not task forces that go up to armed gunned men or gangs and make
      arrest! if someone calls and ask me to standby their side or march
      I will do so but it is not in my power to make an arrest like
      a task force.If someone ask me to mediate a situation or address
      an audience I will do so regardless of the risk. However,I am not
      a private investigator and/or law enforcement.

      I believe the best approach is a consistent effort to teach non
      violence in our communities. Not every once in a while or only
      when something tragic occurs but on a consistent bases. Violence
      has become so prevalent in the inner cities. Unfortunately it
      has become the norm for some areas and it is my desire to share
      principles or a point of view that will serve in creating an
      enviornment where there is respect for life.I have lost family
      members,friends and love one’s to senseless violence;therefore,
      I certainly feel the pain,anger,rage,shock,dismay and even the
      mixed emotions of revenge a family may have. I truly understand
      all of those emotions. So I wouldn’t dare tell someone that they
      don’t have the right to fel a certain way ! However,if and when
      possible I may try to provide some comfort or a constructive way to
      address the loss. I had a young son that I believe was murdered.
      I personally believe he was murdred;therefore, my intentions are
      to go through all the constructive efforts to bring an investigation
      and legal service into the situation as opposed to a man hunt
      or any other destructive apporaches to the matter. But again,I
      understand the emotions so I am not pretending or just saying
      something to be saying it! I know!

      By the frace of God I have addressed hundrds of thousands of people
      within the nation via schools,colleges,youth facilities,jails,
      prisons and seminars. I taught seven years here locally in
      challenger memorial youth facility under united community action
      net work heade by Chaplian Billy Pricer and also the local
      state prison Lanncaster state prison. All I can do is make myself
      available. There is no charge however,beyond local I do have
      traveling expenses.Prior to my car accidents I didn’t even
      consider transportation exspenses but the circumstances forced me
      to address the basic fees otherwise like Jesus my service is free !
      I don’t feel comfortable saying pay me to teach you the will
      and plan of God!!! But I do think it is within reason to say if you
      can offord it, help me get to where ever I need to be because
      I love with a passion to serve and inspire and touch the lives of
      open hearted people. I am not money hungry nor am I a hustler in
      the name of God.I assure you if someone would help I would be at every
      situation possible because my life is service, that is my life, my
      career is the love of life service.
      National public speaker/palmdale

  4. Abdul Majeed Askia
    May 17, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    I challenge all the churches and religious houses in the antelope valley
    to dedicate a section of their services to address the embeded violence
    that we have in our social system, in our culture, in our entertainment
    and in the fact that many advocate violence as the ultimate solution.
    Violence actually creates more violence. It is not something that can
    be resolved over night because it has become a lifestyle. In fact the
    violent lyrics pomp you up to think negative, rude and offensive toward
    others. I recall being raised to greet your neighbor, to greet
    those you are passing and/ro make contact with throughout the day!
    For the most part that spirit has been lost. In fact when you speak to
    some people they will actually tell you they “don’t like people!”
    Why is it important that we look at this as a social issues ? Because
    if we shared a little of ourselves and behaved in a humane manner
    toward one another it would defuse hostility.

    Senseless violence has to be addressed contineuly and collectively
    to make a difference. I take issue with the religious houses because
    very little is said the hardships and dangers that people experience
    until there is a funeral. Families are falling apart, many people
    have become indifferent and they assume the weapons they have amassed
    will save them what so often happens to others in the community.
    There is fear to address the issues at hand or just a don’t care
    mentality ! I am appauled at the hundreds that are dying daily in
    our communities over self destructive behavior.

    We either want address the issues and/or we will just glaze over
    the problems with superficial approaches! We must be willing to
    acknowledge that words make and influence people. What we see,
    hear and think determines our outlook on life and ultimately
    our behavior toward others. Regardless of what I know or under-
    stand my name alone turns some people away! Not to mention the
    fact that I have gone to prison!!!! Prisoners are cast aside
    when in reality prisons for many have become universities,
    educational centers and think tanks,meaning many have gained
    an awareness that is deeper and more profound than the average
    person walking the streets ! We find that hard to believe because
    the system focuses more on those that act out in extremes
    after release as opposed to thos who have risen above negativity.

    My heart goes out to all the families who have lost love one’s
    and are suffering from such shock. The only way we wlll gain
    a whole on senseless violence is address the mind set and how it
    develops and/or leans toward that destructive angle ! I happen
    to understand that propensity but it is difficult to reach the
    masses because there is so much personal prejudice that prevents
    you from reaching the community audience. I have written thousands
    are articles reaching into the daily news,antelope valley press,
    av times,In focus, world news, la times and other outlets that
    will serve in raising the consciousness of the broader public.
    Knowledge is power ! As a national public speaker my desire is
    to have peace in our communities and throughout this nation !….National public speaker/323-945-9589

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