Palmdale road closures for Amgen Tour of California

PALMDALE – Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California cycling race from Palmdale to Big Bear Lake will be held on Friday, May 18. The race will start at Marie Kerr Park, located at 2723 Rancho Vista Boulevard in Palmdale, and will require a series of temporary road closures.

The festival begins at 8:30 a.m. and the race will start with the firing of the official start gun at 10:25 am. In between, visitors will enjoy the festival area, rider sign-in with autograph opportunities in fan favorite Autograph Alley, and the race ceremonies.

Attendees to the festival and start are advised to park in the lot on 30th St. West, just east of the Palmdale Amphitheater.  Attendees should arrive before 10 a.m., in advance of the road closures.

The intermittent road closures for the race will occur on Rancho Vista Boulevard, Sierra Highway, and Pearblossom Highway and could last between 30 and 50 minutes, as the race progresses out of Palmdale toward Big Bear. Once the race begins, it should take the riders and support caravans no longer than 20 minutes to pass intersecting streets along the racecourse.

The race will depart 10:25 am from Marie Kerr Park at 30th Street West and Rancho Vista Boulevard, head eastbound on Rancho Vista Boulevard to Sierra Highway; turn southbound on Sierra Highway to Pearblossom Highway, westbound on Pearblossom Highway to Angeles Forest Highway, where the riders will turn onto Angeles Forest Highway to begin the climb to Big Bear. Street closures will begin approximately thirty minutes before the lead car leaves the start line in advance of the riders.

* Intermittent/rolling closures on Rancho Vista Boulevard from 30th Street West and Sierra Highway:

At 10:10 a.m., Rancho Vista Boulevard will be closed to eastbound traffic at 30th Street and westbound traffic at Sierra Highway. At 30th Street West, traffic on Rancho Vista Boulevard will be diverted northbound or southbound.  No cross street traffic, including 10th St. West, will be permitted to enter Rancho Vista Boulevard until the race has passed.  Traffic on Rancho Vista will be restored after the riders get to the turn at Sierra Highway.

* Intermittent/rolling closures on Sierra Highway:  

At 10:10 a.m., Sierra Highway at Rancho Vista Boulevard will be closed to southbound traffic.  Travelers heading southbound on Sierra Highway will be diverted westbound onto Rancho Vista Boulevard.  Travelers heading eastbound on Rancho Vista will be diverted northbound onto Sierra Highway.

At Palmdale Boulevard, Avenue R, Avenue S, cross traffic will be open until approximately 10:30 a.m.; however, traffic will not be permitted to turn onto Sierra Highway once the race begins.  All other cross traffic will be prohibited from entering Sierra Highway at 10:10 am.   Traffic will be restored after the riders turn onto Pearblossom Highway.

* Intermittent closures on Pearblossom Highway

At 10:10 a.m., Pearblossom Highway will be closed to westbound traffic at 25th Street East. Traffic will be diverted northbound or southbound onto 25th Street East.  Eastbound traffic on Pearblossom Highway will be stopped at Angeles Forest Highway at approximately 10:20 a.m.  Traffic will be restored once the riders turn onto Angeles Forest Highway.

* Off Ramp closures on 14 Freeway

At 10 a.m., the northbound 14 Freeway off ramp at Pearblossom/Angeles Forest Highway will be closed.

The northbound 14 Freeway off ramp at Rancho Vista Boulevard will also be closed at 10 a.m.  Both off ramps will be closed for approximately one hour.

Locations to watch the race in Palmdale

There is ample opportunity for spectator viewing along the race route.  The following are some good locations in Palmdale that have ample parking available:

  • The starting line at Marie Kerr Park.  There will be parking available in the lot on 30th Street West, just east of the Amphitheater.
  • Rancho Vista Boulevard by the Antelope Valley Mall.
  • Along Rancho Vista Boulevard, east of 10th St. West to Sierra Highway.
  • Sierra Highway, just south of Avenue Q, between the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station and the South Antelope Valley Work Source Center.
  • Sierra Highway, south of Palmdale Boulevard (parking in the Palmdale Civic Center area).

Viewers may also watch the race from anywhere along the route, as long as they are parking in accordance with all parking regulations and not trespassing on private property. Get approximate times that the racers should be passing specific locations by viewing the Course Log here.

For more information about the Amgen Tour of California and to view the stage videos, visit

(Information via press release from the City of Palmdale.)