Raising suicide awareness in the Antelope Valley

Judy Cooperberg and John Glover of Mental Health America work to provide mental health resources to the Antelope Valley community.

ANTELOPE VALLEY – The suicide rates in the Antelope Valley are the highest in Los Angeles (LA) County at a percentage of 11.4, according to the LA County Department of Public Health.

Judy Cooperberg, executive director of Mental Health America (MHA) in the Antelope Valley, said there are a number of factors that contribute to the high rate. One of the major problems is the lack of resources available for those who are mentally ill, she said.

“People who have first breaks, they have situational depression, they have initial trauma, they don’t usually have access to immediate therapy or counseling, particularly if they don’t have any health insurance,” Cooperberg said.

She said that a lot of times depression will affect their ability to get out of bed, which affects their ability to go to work. Depression rates in the Antelope Valley are 17.1 percent, according to the LA County Department of Health.

Another contributing factor, for the Antelope Valley as well as all over the country, is economic pressure, said John Glover, an associate clinical social worker of Mental Health America. People are struggling to keep their homes and jobs, or are struggling to find a job, he said.

A man in Lancaster stood on a bridge Jan. 20 overlooking the freeway below him, and he considered jumping.

CHP Officer Michael Talbot, who was the first to arrive on scene, made contact with the man and set up a rapport. Sergeant John Rush of the Sheriff’s Department also talked to the man.

“He was just despondent because he was having some problems with his personal life,” Sgt. Rush said. “We talked about those and then he decided to get off the bridge and not jump.”

“We have to be honest with them from the beginning and let him know ‘hey I can help provide resources for you, I can tell you where to go, but I can’t get you a job,’” Sgt. Rush continued. “I can’t make your life better by getting you off the bridge, but we can certainly point you in the right direction… and that’s kind of what we did.”

Sgt. Rush said there was a moment when he thought the man would jump because he had made the sign of the cross right before he got off the bridge. He got off willingly, however, and got the help he needed.

“I can’t tell you how we did it,” said Sgt. Rush.

An average of one person kills themselves every 14.2 minutes, according to the American Association of Suicidology.

“If a person is going to do it, they’re going to do it,” Sgt. Rush said, “and if they’re not, they’re not.”

The bell serves to bring people hope for improving mental health.

The Antelope Valley has special circumstances that contribute to a higher rate of suicide, which is a higher population of military and their families, Glover said.

“The pressures that particular group of people experience are unique, and we have a higher concentration here in the Antelope Valley so mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder play a part,” Glover said.

According to the LA County Department of Public Health, an average of 18 veterans die by suicide each day.

Multiple deployments are a huge part of the 80 percent increase in suicides in the military, Cooperberg said.

“As you increase the number of deployments, you radically increase the potential for that to happen,” Glover said.

Although there have been news coverage of some veterans “who have actually gone more public with their demonstration of their mental health condition,” Glover said these are isolated incidences and should not cause fear or judgment on the military or their veterans.

“That’s an important point because there’s so much stigma to mental illness and mental health issues that when someone is dealing with depression in particular they have a much higher chance of harming themselves than anybody else,” Cooperberg said.

When you have anyone, whether they are in the military or not, commit suicide, their families are impacted, Glover said. And the resources families have are just as limited as the individuals who commit suicide, which causes a ripple effect in the community.

“The problem we have is where do we get that treatment,” Cooperberg said.

Cooperberg said she always emphasizes that the Antelope Valley has the greatest need with the least amount of resources.

The Antelope Valley has no psychiatric emergency care, no community health center that will provide no to low cost counseling, and no children or adolescent beds, she said.

The services the Antelope Valley does have are two Department of Health mental clinics that serve adults, as well as the Mental Health America (MHA) facility, Cooperberg said. However, both organizations are focused on helping people with severe mental illnesses.

“We serve people with persistent mental illness,” Cooperberg said. “Illnesses that have an impact on their functional abilities, their capabilities…the illnesses that have really stunted people’s growth in all aspects of their lives.”

By doing preventative and short term treatment, she said people won’t be so mired down by their illness.

“Diagnosis is not a destiny,” Glover said.

Cooperberg added that mental illness does not define a person.

“Despite whatever kind of illness a person has they can have a productive kind of life, and I believe that with all my heart and soul because I lived it,” Cooperberg said.

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  1. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 9, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Ace. To your dismay I have lectured around the country, a guest of
    various talk shows,invited speaker in washington,talked to thousands
    of youths and adults alike in school,colleges,prisons,youth facilities,
    seminars,confeences and international conferences! Not to mention the fact that eery major news outlet have taken the time to interview me.
    Nevrtheless it is clear that no matter what i say or do you are the ‘point man’to attempt to discredit me. Im’ to it!!!

    Sir,well ladies and gentelmen.I met a couple of people recently who had killed or at least they told me they had killed three hundred people
    in Iraq! Naturally I was shocked that I would be saitting next to
    someone who had killed so many people while simply paying my water bill!
    I asked the young man how on earth did you kill so many people? He
    told me he was a sniper in Iraq and he was given orders to kill anyone
    who came out at night of their homes! The young man was sharing this
    with me because he was having nightmares,flash backs and nervous
    problems. He went on to tell me killed men,women and children! Shortly
    thereafter i met another person with almost the same identical
    story!!! We as a public that sit around in our little comfort zones
    don’t realize the emotional trauma that so many of our youngsters and
    vets are goning through! I sit around in our little self righteous
    garbs with no emotions and/or care what is happening abroad or the
    service that our vets need when they return from war torn countries!

    The vets need more than emotional fan fair,celebrations and cup cakes.
    The need all the services at our command to readjust to society after
    such a horrifying experiece!!!! Whether it is defending the country
    or not I can’t imagine the thought of having to live with killing
    hundreds of men, women and children! My God! We already know Ace about
    how noble it is to serve and protect your country, i am talking
    about vets having to live with the aftermath!!!! We sit around not even
    giving a second thought to all the people that are dying around
    the world in these senseless wars. I know Ace,there is this sick
    attitude that you can kill all day as long as someone else has to do!

    If its not wars it its senseless drnuk driving,drug over doses,senseless
    racial killings and a host of evils to numerous to mention and the last
    thing we need is some self righteous person trying to stop someone
    that is positive and out to end senseless violence! It is a low down
    dirty shame that anyone would speak against any soul that wants to
    end violence! What do you suggest Ace ? You constantly encourage
    people to buy more and more weapons. All I hear you say is get “them,
    kill them,and kill them all!”Ace your only means of stopping violence
    is with more violence. Oh,what a great solution.Shocking!

    As for my past,I am not going to allow anyone one to play some self
    righteous role on me. You don’t care anything about jesus. At least
    you don’t care enough about him to stop pitting people against
    one another and spewing out racial animosties. In fact how on earth
    are all this religious people constantly professing God and yet
    harbor such hatered for one another? With all this love for Jesus
    and yet hate your fellow man ? love for Jesus with your hands on
    your pistol? Love for Jesus and the second coming and yet building
    bunkers for shoot outs ? Love for Jesus with hate for this color and
    that color,those people over there> Please explain to me where
    is the love? All this religion,all this killing in the name of Jesus!
    Slavry in the name of Jesus,segregation in the name of Jesus,race
    supremacy in the name of Jesus and you have the nerve to play the
    religious card. Oh,you don’t have to remind me of all the killings
    and bombings going on between all the religious groups.

    Yes, I have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God!Let him who
    have not sinned cast the first stone!Is that you Ace ? I repeat, I am
    not going to back down I don’t care how much mud you sling or
    whatever your vicious motive is. I would like to see people be people
    and function in harmony. I would hope that the American people
    would realize and cherish the freedoms they have and the role of
    this republic. It would serve me no purpose for everyone to hate one
    another. I find it very strange and sickening that professed educated
    and religious people have such hatred inside of them.

    I knew you are someone like you would eventually target me. I knew
    you would eventually show up and begin to ‘yell’don’t listen
    to that guy,he did this and he did that ! Well do your thing Ace.

    This is Abdul Majeed Askia, I have sinned,made mistakes,fallen short,
    said and did bad things,I was blind but now I see,I was dead but
    now I am alive, I was blind but now I see! Now I am calling all
    sinners (just the sinners,not the self righteous who are above reproach)
    to repent of your sins. I am calling all people who have made mistakes,
    made bad choices and now want to amend to turn from your wayward
    ways and give your life to God,to human service. Yes, I am calling
    all sinners,every last one of you no matter how bad to repent,don’t
    let the self rrighteous keep you in your past,don’t let the holier
    than thou peopel condemn and judge you,don’t let the snactimonious
    reign over your life! Don’t let these self appointed Gods besides
    God convience you that you can’t have a relationship with God because
    of your past! You see its easier to target Abdul Majeed Askia and
    use me as an escape goat for all the wars,jails,prisons,youth facilities,proverty,joblessness,hunger,and hatred in the world. Its
    easier to put on a self righteous bage and come after Frotoe!Remember
    started sharing my life the people with ill intent would start to
    dig and throw dirt. This is no surprise. I am like the great actor
    Clark Gable on this one, “Frankly my dear I don’t give a —!!! I am
    going to ride this horse on in.

    All sinners,every where in the world,don’t let the self righteous
    play God over you,live your life and get a personal relationship
    with God!

    The round table 348 east ave.k-8 suite ‘C’Lancaster,Ca.call Abdul Majeed
    Askia 323-945-9589 or Pastro Gerry Mitchel 661-212-5464 or email
    abdulaskia@yahoo.com/the round table is on the 28th of April from
    1pmto 6:pm. There will be other speakers and community leaders.

    • Abdul Majeed Askia
      April 10, 2012 at 6:56 pm

      Again,Thanks be to God I went into prisons,youth
      facilities and throughout the community encouraging people of all walks of life to have a
      respect for life above and beyond color. I see
      people as human beings first regardless of creed,
      class or color. It doesn’t disturb me if a person
      is Jewish,Asian,Caucasian,African or whatever
      particular religious faith.The reason i don’t
      play into all of your name calling and branding
      so that you can stigmatize,defame and be-little
      others is totally useless. In fact shocking. You
      throw out all sorts of buz words that have
      extremism associated with them to marganalize
      me among the public. My life does not center
      around you. If all you can bring to the table is
      hate,race baiting and venom maybe you should
      stay home. Personally I don’t know you other than
      what you show me and it hasn’t been too good.
      If you ever decide to function on a reasonable
      level the door is open but thats your choice.

  2. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 8, 2012 at 9:13 am

    The bible and Qur’an says many have eyes and can’t see, ears and can’t
    hear,blind,deaf and dumb. However,Jesus said he came into the world that those who see might not see,and those who don’t see might see!Jesus went
    on to say that as long as he was in the world,he was the light of the world. Many claim Jesus and yet they see not!

    In fact many have a completely wrong idea about Jesus. Jesus wasn’t a light
    bulb,his life example was light ! When he said know ye the truth and the
    truth shall set you free. Jesus represented truth,he was an embodiment
    of truth,his life represented the word,divine light !Not his hair,eyes
    and nose but his mind and spirit was based in truth!That is why he said
    no one can get to God but through me,not his flesh. No one can get to
    God but by truth,revelation,the word of God! Not an image of a man! The
    bible says we are all in the image of God,what image ? God is spirit and
    those who worship God must worship God in spirit and in truth!!!Universal
    truth,absolute truth,eternal truth.Jesus male body was just like anyone elses body,but the body of truth that he represented was truth,divine
    truth. Not this obsession with personality and image. All Jesus is in
    some peoples mind is a white man with blue eyes up in the middle of the
    sky watching over everyone,incorrect!!!

    Again,Stevie wonder spoke of people being superstitions in their ways,
    believing in things that they don’t understand and they suffer.Most
    of the teachings in the church is un-real,disconnected from reality,
    designed to rob people of their lives,resources and inner power/creativity.
    I know this is a bitter pill to swallow but somebodies got to say it.

    Again,we are told the majority of the people in America believe in God
    and most have religious or christian background. Now if you don’t know
    who own most of the liquor outlets it is because you don’t want to know.

    My only point was/is teenagers don’t have anything to do with owning
    any of the outlets that they are often caught up in. Adults are the one’s
    that provide the liquor,the drugs and the loose life styles. The
    youngsters are doing no more than what they have seen and what is in their
    dominate enviornment. Now we can pretend with self righteous attitudes
    that we just can’t comprehend the behavior of this new generation1
    They are an extention of us.Science tells us we are a product of dominate
    enviornment,collectively speaking,on average,not exceptions.

    Now that we mentioned around table,fifteen have popped up before the
    28th of April. I wonder why ? I have attended a couple that was very
    productive,very enlightening and motivational. Thats good. However,
    what you just read above you want hear anywhere else!!! You are not
    going to be told to get your head out of the sky and take charge of
    your life. You are not going to be shown how you are in a maze,a test
    tube and for the most part being used as genia pigs,only at the
    Abdul Majeed Askia/Pastor Gerry sponsored round table!

    All are welcome. The speakers are well known.it is understood why many
    would stir the people away,they want them to remain pawns,tools,bumps
    on a log,chattle and drifters.It is interesting how much energy is put into
    not hearing ‘Abdul Majeed Askia!’However, I am not the only speaker or
    person at the round table. Nevertheless, the fear is they will hear something that just might get their attention,something different. All
    questions are on the table,it is a schelded positive event.What is the
    fear? Afraid there is no devil under the ground ? Afraid to discover
    there is no man setting in a chair in the middle of the shy? Afraid
    people will be complelled to reflect ? This post can become one of the
    most provocative and enlightening blogs based on intelligent dialogue.
    However,one cannot be afraid to go where no man has gone !

    We are in the brave new world. No more scales over the eyes,no more
    dark ages. True,many can’t handle their belief systems questioned. Thats
    why we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. To be or not
    to be is the question. No more la’la’land.

    Round table:348 east k-8
    suite ‘C’lancaster Ca. April28th from 1pm.6pm.
    Abdul Majeed Askia/323-945-9589/Pastor Gerry Mitchel/661-212-5464

  3. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 7, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Crimes against humanity in the name of religion!We all fall short in some form or another. As all scripture points out we are all in need of grace
    as all have fallen short of the glory of God. However,individual sins or
    short comings are totally different when a nation,a govrnment oppresses a
    people. Case in point:Saudi Family uses religion to deny people the right
    to vote,drive cars,protest or contest the ruling families leadership! This
    is all done in the name of Islam. Dynasties,royal blood and chosen families
    toreign over the masses! Again,we are not talking about faults or even
    indivual crimes,we are talking about holding down millions of people via
    twisted religious interpretations! Islam means peace and submission to
    the will of God,not submission to the saudi family. However,through
    billions of dollars ,politics and lobbying theres no mention of this oppression. It is much easier to discredit Abdul Majeed Askia,turn the
    tide on an everyday American citizen and paint the Saudi Family as a royal
    class of people of good will. Well Ace theres some negativity you
    can focus on ! As you know in our country women and blacks had to struggle
    for civil and human rights!Again,our government is of the people,
    for the people, and by the people ! But unfortunately there are some
    that don’t seem these are collective rights,rights for all the citizens
    of these united states.Laws are on the books but we have to remain vigilant
    so that the laws are enforced.

    I realize speaking in the face of tyrants(Saudi Family)is threading on
    thin water because these cats are zillionaires!!!However,financially
    they dominate the Islamic world and there influence reaches into America
    on many levels. I have already begun to feel the pressure. They are slowly
    spinning the web to reachout after me because as you can see “little
    ole me seems to be the most vocal in this area!” Sort’ve like in lord
    of the rings,get off the road Frotoe!!!Or run Frotoe!!!Nope.Straight ahead.
    Why ? Because I was/is a sinner that was looking for gudiance. I knew
    I had messed up, I wanted to straight up, and look what I ran into,the
    devil in religion! God is real,faith is real, but the devil has tainted
    and twisted all the religions. Ain’t nothing like the real thing! All
    of the religions have been riged,dynasties,royal blood,unnatural teachings
    that are totally disconnected from reality to rule the masses. Interpretations that absolutely make no sense and the faithful follower
    takes it in hook line an sinker !I discovered the keys that unlock
    the mind,free the spirit and open up the human being to new and higher
    levels of thinking> I realize the goal(same as in foot ball)is to stop
    me from making a touch down. The touch down is to reach the masses. The
    oppositions goals is to keep the people in la la land,a land of make
    believe and fantasy,to keep them boxed in,ina sand box,in a maze,in
    kindergarden land as opposed to the clear day of reality. Life is good,
    life is excitng,life is wonderful and collectively we can have whatever
    it is we want once we stop allowing ourselves to be duped!Hokus pokus,
    abra kadabra, ka zam !Nope,the jinni is out of the bottle! Thousands
    and millions will be reading this web/bog and they are going to say
    he’s got it, I see the light ! Yeap,there are the fat cats that want to
    hold on to their magic in the religious houses and keep the peoples
    heads up in the sky. For years there has always been this element trying
    to contain me. I didn’t want to go along with the scheme,get rich by
    duping the people preaching the end of the world while buying new cars,
    new homes and expanding bank accounts but the end is in March! I have
    heard this all my life. Now the end really is near> The end of lies,
    deception,tricks,religious oppression and self imposed dynasties.The
    end is near1 As soon as the people wake up and figure out how they have
    been duped> Now you can imagine what this is stirring up. Lets go,
    lets bring it to the table. Time is at hand.

    Abdul Majeed Askia 323-945-9589/PastorGerryMitchel/abdulaskia@yahoo.com
    I’mwatching as well as praying. I’m gonna need it,

  4. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 7, 2012 at 10:45 am

    The round table is open to everyone.Remember get what we are looking for. If we focus on negativity that is what we will see. If we look for the good
    we will find the good. Two people were walking along a road together and they came across a dead dog,one said look a dead dog,he has such a foul
    ordor! The other person,but oh look at his pretty white teeth!!!One focused
    on the negative and the other focused on the positive! This is our world,our time and our lives,this is our moment in time. We have the option
    of being positive or negative. We can think of new and creative ways to
    serve humanity or we can dewell on all the gloom and doom forecast.We
    can galvanize our energy to up-lift humanity or dewell on the musty old
    chambers of the past.

    Again, I am excited about life,people,creativity,adventure,discovery
    and encouraging the human family to reach new heights in relations and
    all the fields of service. As odd as it may seem there is an element
    that would prefers doing the same old thing with the same old approach
    and getting no where.Incarcerate as opposed to educate! Jail,lock-up,
    shoot down,excute,beat-up and expand the prison system as opposed to
    making a concerted effort to educate,motivate,up-lift and inspire others
    to become better people/better citizens!

    I understand the old mind set wants to cut off this dialogue.In fact
    the waves of growth and development consciously speaking is disturbing
    the waters. Imagine someone saying,don’t let them connect with the
    people. Isn’t that sad? All of the participants are positive community
    leaders and many with government jobs or there own businesses! I am
    the public speaker with a social message,knowledge and insight into
    our morden day issues. We are all collectively sharing what gifts,talents
    and knowledge to help make this valley more and more positive and
    productive! For decades I have had many challenges to address these
    issues.The old mind set just wants to hold on to their congregations,
    hold on to their government resources and remain in their comfort zones
    while people go around and round in circles and problems escalate while
    they take a back seat o everything. I am just one of the participants,
    and coordinators along with others. I do have a particular message,as
    I have noted,there is a method to the madness,nothing is accidental!

    I been around,I had my ups and downs,but if you know anything about me
    you would know I have a kept a book in my hand,kept focused,always
    envolved and never giving up! I got staying power! I pay attention.
    I watch as well as pray. I see the positive and the negative trailing
    me side by side. You and I both know the political end or method that
    is often used. If you can’t attack the message,attack the charactor of
    the person. I am ready, I am ready to show how foul,sick and inhuman
    this destructive machine is by trying to dehumanize a person that seeks
    to improve our collective situations. I am not a politician nor am
    I seeking office.I do what I do out of love for service.No strings
    attached.I am not naive, I know the games people play.I know some negativity is lying in the cut.I am just so excited about life and making
    a difference!!!Its all good. Come on,lets do this black,white,brown,red
    any and all colors,creeds and classes.Remember every new invention or
    new concept or new way of doing things was always risisted and challenged.
    It was done with the scientist and great thinkers. It was always someone
    trying to stop them.History. I’m up for it. Focus on the good.

    abdulaskia@yahoo.com/323-945-9589/or pastor Gerry Mitchel 661-212-5464

    • Abdul Majeed Askia
      April 7, 2012 at 1:28 pm

      There is no compulsion to attend. This is a free society.Evryone
      is welcomed to the round table. Our Sponsor Pastor Gerry Mitchel
      and other distinguished comminuity leaders will be there. Prior
      to the actually dated we will list the participants.I am pleased
      with our system of judgment. We have to exercise our rights,they
      are on the books,we simply have to make them come alive with
      our participation. Americans come in all colors,shapes,backgrounds,relgions and ethnicties.We are all

  5. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 7, 2012 at 4:52 am

    Life is good. Its all in how you see it. It is how you interpret what you
    are going through and what sense or purpose you have of life. I think it
    was the artist Curtis Mayfield who said “Sucide,too many bills,hippies
    moving to the hills,its a ball of confusion!”Come to the round table and
    clear your head!abdulaskia@yahoo.com/348 east k-8 suite C.Lancaster,Ca.
    Abdul Majeed Askia 323-945-9589 or Pastor Gerry Mitchel 661-212-5464

  6. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 5, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    The round table appeal is to invite the community out to hear solutions.
    Many of the issues are not as complicated as they appear. Oftentimes when
    I listen to various political groups especially those that are religiously based, I ask the question aren’t there people of faith in all political
    groups ? From my perspective we are all in this together and we all have
    a valent point to bring to the table !Round tabel:April 28th from 1:pm
    to 6:pm,open forum.348 east k-8 suite ‘C’lancaster Ca.

    Email:abdulaskia@yahoo.com or pastor Gerry Mitchel661212-5464 and/or
    Abdul M.Askia 323-9459589

  7. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 4, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    By the grace of God I have had the honor and opportunity to lecture around
    the country and be received on every level of society; schools,colleges,
    seminars,conferences,white house,embacies,talk shows (Issues and Answers,
    Dr.Phil,army bases and a host of international conferences. True, I haven’t
    had the privvilege of a professional public relationis,publisher and/or
    journalist to travel or organize events along with me. I have been blessed
    to have hundreds of publications in the Antelope Valley Press,Daily News,
    LA Times,In Focus,World News,Sacramento Bee and other out lets! I am
    greateful to God and to those who found my writing worthy enough to be
    published as well as to the the editors and publishers who work behind the
    scene for assisting me in publication.

    I am not opposed to anyone stepping up offering their service. I do what I do out of personal passion and a desire to serve. Again, I have
    spoken in Mosque,churches,synagogues,centers,temples,schools and colleges.
    Prior to accidents I was on the USC speaking circuit! Thats with all my
    blunders! I believe via the passion of my message and personal faith in
    God has made the difference in reaching the public.

    My name Abdul Majeed Askia, the frank way inwhich I speak,the universal
    message I share (Personal views,observation,comparative study)and personal
    regards for all of humanity regardless of creed class or color repels
    some people. I am happy with my name, I was born and raised here in
    America and my ancestors date back to the beginning of America and stretches into Africa ! I am a people person. But I don’t worship or
    fear people! I am satified with our system of judgment.That is, I am
    satisfied with our system of checks and balances. Of course,there is much
    to be desired but as it stands it is the best in the world. I am all
    for improvement. Whomever so desire that is willing to extend their
    expertise is welcome to do so.I am not a bitter person,I don’t operate off of hate and rage. People are people to me regardless of what label
    they may wear.I think as a free man, I don’t think of people as God beside
    God. That is, I don’t fear peoples opinions or criticism. In fact my
    intentions are to serve and empower people with knowledge and experience
    that can make a difference. Remember with all my shortcomings and
    blunders it has nevertheless taken me to every level of society.However,
    I am all for doing things better and reaching more people via publications,documentary and other means of communication.

    Come to the round table. Meet the community leaders. Meet the local
    young growing Pastor Gerry Mitchel. Come and voice your views. Come
    and let us reason together.This invitation is to you and all the
    readers of this post and to protective science institute.

    abdulaskia@yahoo.com phone 323-945-9589

  8. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 4, 2012 at 3:25 am

    This planet is our world,this is where we all live. Therefore,it is only
    proper that we seek to make the world we live in a peaceful world. Jesus
    said it best “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in

    Each of us is a factor in the equation all the way down to the finest
    detail when it comes to peace and harmony in our communities.

    All the planets function in harmony following a course naturally established in the order of the universe,everyday like clock work the sun
    is on time and in time ! Why is there so much disharmony among man ?
    It is in our thinking: Come to the round table and sicover in detail
    why we are at odds in our communities and how we can best correct or
    over come negativity.

    There is a science to the madness we are seeing. Yes,there is a method
    to the madness ! Cause and effect.There are alot of conditions that
    exist and a lot of things we see that we don’t like,that are disturbing.
    How did it all happen,what caused it ? Cause and effect. How can we
    correct it and/or can it be corrected ? Trash in the street,sweep it up,
    graffite on the wall,paint over it,and so on. But we want to go to the
    root of things as a posed to surface matters. The next time you see
    something out of order,ask yourself ‘I wonder what caused it to happen?’
    What was behind it.Come to the round table.


  9. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 2, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    We live in a fast past society. Everything is now now now ! In fact a lot
    of people are in a rush to get no where fast ! It is an old saying ‘ If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there!’ As they say,
    a person without a plan, plans to fail. Many people are just drifting
    without a thought in the world of where they are heading. My goal is to serve as a stimulus to awaken people to their true essence,to spark a deeper sense of self,community,nation and the world !

    Unfortunately, there are swindlers that don’y want the people to be
    empowered with self knowledge,self discipline and a sense of destin !
    I am prepared to share a degree of knowledge that liberates the mind !
    Because of this I have been subjected to ‘deliberate accidents’! Let
    that oak in for a minute. I have been subjected to ‘accidents on purpose!’
    Car recks that simply was not suppose to haoen!!! Accidents on purpose.
    Why ? Because I have split the atom! Nothing is occuring by accident,
    there is a method to the madness! In our communities,neighborhoods
    and social settings we are in a maze,a sand box,a circus,an hypothesis
    and/or experiement ! Come to the round table on April28th at 348 k-8
    suite ‘C’ in lancaster and get the scoop! Come and be empowered with
    knowldge that opens your eyes.

    Unfortunately there are those who benefit from others misery,homelessness,
    confusion,addiction and crime ! Crime expands the prison system,crime creates a permanent underclass, through crime the process of elimination
    through branding and stigmatizing occus for life ! Of course no soul
    should commit a crime,but there is a method to the madness!

    We know how alcholics and drug addiction develops,we know how gangs
    develope,we know about cause and effect. If you want to know more
    come to the round table. This message is open to the entire public,
    no racial,class or creed lines drawn. When you leave there you will have a better understanding on how to get out of the grip of negativity and
    allowing yourselves to be used and abused ! Now days even the preacher
    ask the question before giving a sermon “Whats in it for me!” Money
    is the driving force. The blinder the people are the better off the
    charlatans. You want answers ? You want hard facts ? You want a difference
    that you can count on ? Come and be empowered by discovering the
    greatness in you !348 east avenue k-8 suite ‘C’lancaster Ca. on the
    28th of April. Call Abdul Majeed Askia 323-945-9589 or Pastor Gerry
    Mitchel 661-212-5464 or email abdulaskia@yahoo.com

    • Alex
      April 3, 2012 at 11:28 pm

      If you are going to spam the forums about your “public speaking,” at least try to keep it to a minimum and use a grammar/spell check system.

      It is hard to take you seriously when you don’t even take your work seriously enough to spell check what you post online, or hire someone to proof read for you.

      “We live in a fast past society.”

      “Unfortunately, there are swindlers that don’y want the people to be
      empowered with self knowledge,self discipline and a sense of destin !”

      • S. Parker
        April 3, 2012 at 11:54 pm

        I get your inspiration, but I’m going to have to agree with Alex. You’ve got to figure out a way to keep it brief. Five to seven sentences at most, otherwise you lose people.
        And every long-winded comment doesn’t have to end with you pumping your roundtable event. Your event is three weeks away and I am over it already. Less is more Abdul. For the sake of everyone, please take heed.

        • Abdul Majeed Askia
          April 4, 2012 at 3:36 am

          There is constructive criticism,and there is destructive
          criticism. I accept your critique.Thank you for considering it. See you at the round table.

  10. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 1, 2012 at 4:29 am

    The power of thought !The person closest to ‘you’is yourself! Negative self
    talk is what drives most people up the wall.All my life I have felt very
    good about myself,a healthy self image.I had a mother that encouraged and
    a family that loved me. However,all of my life just as I had people say
    good things about me,I also had mean spirited and hateful people say ugly
    things against me. I have had to face the bitter with the sweet ! All of
    my life I have known people who admire and love me and at the same time
    those who hate me ! Either because of what I teach or believe or because
    they thought sense I feel so good about myself ‘It became their duty
    to put me in my place and bring me down to size!’

    I have had to face and repel envy,jealousy,hatred and hostility directed
    at me simply because my faith,my style of clothing and the area I lived
    in. Yes, I know what it is to face negativity and bad attitudes. Most
    people that put other people down are those who don’t like themselves!!!

    People who like themselves don’t take pleasure in putting other people
    down! When you like yourself you actually want to help lift people up.
    Unfortunately there are people who work at demeaning others with
    sarcasm,nasty and bitter remarks,ugly name calling with the intent of
    be-littling others ! The idea is to attempt to make you feel worthless,
    to make you feel like a floor mat. If one can make you feel like
    nothing then he or she or they can get you to think that whatever
    happens to you,you deserved it. Like the song says “these boots are
    made for walking and I’m going to walk all over you!”

    Fortunately I had a loving mother and through prayer,positive self talk,
    and chosing my friends wisely I was able to with-stand the viciousness
    conniving and scheming of others. Through positive self talk,reading
    positive books,listening to positive and up lifting music and learning
    to appreciate a cold glass of water, a fresh piece of fruit,a beautiful
    sun rise and a walk in the park has truly served to fortify me from
    all the craziness thats out there !

    I believe that I am one of the most blessed people on this planet! Why ?
    Because I have been through so much hell,difficulty,struggle,harship
    and stromy weather and yet I have been able to survive it ! I been shot,
    lied on,jailed,imprisoned,evicted,talked about,worked against and
    plotted on I am still luaghing. Ha’ha’ha’!Why ? Because you only get
    to live once and you may as well make the best of it! In fact it blows
    peoples mind that I put the crap on ‘the pay no mind list!’ Mentally
    and emotionally I am fortified against negative outside vioces! I
    am not trying to hear anything thats desined to tear me down. Well,may
    just to make sure I don’t walk into a trap!Ha’ha’!

    The point here is,be careful what you say to yourself!The closet peson
    to you is yourself. You have the ability to blot out negativity.Don’t
    mentally torture yourself with negative thinking. Do not allow others
    destructive criticism to destroy you.It is yourself that gives value
    or significance to words and what people say or don’t say. Yes, its all
    in your head ! All my life I have had the paralel experience of
    facing and dealing with positive and negative people ! As the great
    actor Clint Eastwood would say “The good,the bad and the ugly!” Thats
    life! It is people walking around that have neever gone to war with
    post traumatic stress ! Drug and alcohol addiction. Ten,fifteen years
    in prison, you name it its out there. The catch is,don’t let swril
    around in your head with negative thinking. Its all in how you process it.
    Nope, I am not a doctor but I have had the exciting experience of
    living my life to the fullest and paying attention!

    National pubilc speaker! Do you want to win ? Stay positive!
    Abdul Majeed Askia 323-945-9589 email:abdulaskia@yahoo.com

  11. March 31, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Could it be that if some of these people were able to adopt a dog (if they do not have one). Of course not for everyone, but a dog can be some of the best therapy for depression.
    Just a thought.

    • Alex
      April 1, 2012 at 8:48 pm

      I have a feeling a large part of it is a lack of family of friends who try to be an active part of the persons life and make sure that the person is well taken care of mentally.

      We need to watch our family and friends, and even neighbors, and ask if they need anything, how they are doing, and just be good people to each other.

      It never hurts to have some coffee or tea with friends, family, and neighbors and let them know you are there for them.

      So much hate in this valley anymore, not like it used to be.

      • Gladdis
        April 1, 2012 at 11:43 pm

        Alex, I agree with what you said. Most people don’t take the time to say hello or even smile at their neighbors. It makes me sad to know that people who live alone are afraid to take a walk by themselves. I try to acknowledge everyone I see, whether it’s a head nod, smile, a wave or saying “hello” to them. It’s amazing how many people I have met and know by name from doing that simple thing. People are suspicious of strangers and should be, however, you can be kind to people without being intrusive.

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