Roommate murder case postponed to April

Nicholas Harper

LANCASTER – Nicholas Brian Harper, the 23-year-old man accused of killing his roommate was to be arraigned in court Thursday.

However, during his brief court appearance, Harper did not enter a plea and his case was postponed to April instead.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Ogden agreed to continue the matter to April 3, 2012 to allow the public defender more time to prepare the case.

Harper was ordered to remain in custody on $2 million bail.

Harper stands accused of shooting and killing his roommate, James McElroy, 21, on Feb. 7 inside their apartment at the Parkwood Patio apartment complex in the 38000 block of 20th street east in Palmdale.

Harper has reportedly claimed that the shooting was accidental, but McElroy’s family members tell a different story.

About 15 of McElroy’s family members attended Harper’s court hearing Thursday, many of them wearing t-shirts with McElroy’s image.

Family members say they will continue to attend all court hearings until Harper is put behind bars permanently.

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  1. nicole
    March 18, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    I’m sorry for your loss i feel really bad for the family of James, but I know nick and i no for a fact that he did not kill James on perpose, i mean look at the fact’s if they both had their gun’s out dont you think James would have shoot back, im not saying that what happen isn’t sad not saying that its fare but really if the table’s were turned and james shoot nick would you want them to take james from his son and unborn child, this is crazy my love goes out to the kids who’s daddy is being taking from them of a mastake of two men that had guns out not one is dead and one is being unfarely punished you cant look at nick being the only guilty one they both had gun’s out. may god show the truth of what really happen may he take care of the one who many has loss and may he give nick a fare hearing let those who know nick come and share who nick really was and let james family morn help them over come this loss not by hatered but by the memories they shard with him, to james family and friend’s please think about this if nick and james weren’t getting along why didn’t james leave and it cant be jealousy because nick had a girl who loved him had a wounderful son and a baby on the way nick and james were friend do you really think that james would want his friend to be unfarely punished do you think he would want you guy’s to harass nick’s family i wish you guy’s the best i hope you guy’s find closer but i also wish you guy’s would try and find the truth of what really happen because if the thing’s you guy’s are saying about nick is not truth the person you will have to answer to is GOD and james is with him now what would james want you to do?

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