Store owners guilty of selling counterfeit sports clothing

PALMDALE – A husband and wife were convicted Monday of selling counterfeit sports clothing in their Palmdale retail store.

Palmdale residents, Terrance Stovall, 47, and his wife Shawna, 40, pleaded to one count each of Selling Counterfeit Trademarked Merchandise at their sports apparel store, “The Jersey Store,” located at the 41000 block of 12th Street West #D, Palmdale.

Each received 3 years probation and was required to pay restitution.
In June 2011, detectives from the Sheriff’s Commercial Crimes Bureau received information that The Jersey Store was selling counterfeit sports merchandise.

Following a one month investigation, search warrants were served at the business as well as the couple’s Palmdale home.

A total of 232 counterfeit jerseys and caps were recovered at an estimated value of $29,000. The counterfeit items represented professional sports teams from baseball, football, hockey and basketball.

The Jersey Store closed its doors shortly after the search warrant.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was assisted in the investigation by Brand Security Corporation and C.A.P.S. (Coalition to Advance the Protection of Sports Logos) who represents the victims of the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and the Collegiate Licensing Company.

(Information and photos via press report from the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station)

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  1. Miffed American
    December 11, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Accept if you follow the teachings of the Koran where it says it’s okay to deceive the Infidel where ever you find them.

    • Abdul Majeed Askia
      December 12, 2011 at 8:30 am

      I was taught as a young man to always talk about what I know and not what I don’t know ! That is, don’t turn my don’t know,assumptions,
      speculations,guesses and conjecture into it can’t be,it could be,it
      might be or this is it ! One of the reasons why I know there are
      beautiful people that are Jews,christians,muslims and others of different faiths is because I have interacted with them for many years
      in worship service,social events and joint projectes. Being a public
      speaker I am required to know what I am talking about before I open my
      mouth ! Thus, I have studied most if not all religions> I feel
      blessed and fortunate to know of the beautiful teachings of the bible,
      the Qur’an,Buddhism, confucius and others. The bottom line is I am
      not going to tell someone else what they believe and/or take something
      out of context that I know nothing about.In any case if we open any
      script or focus on any person of a particular faith ‘If you look for
      the negative that is what you will find’as no one is perfect! Even Jesus
      said ” Why callest thou me good, no one is good but my father which
      is in heaven ‘Mark chapter 10;verse18. The Qur’an does not give
      permission to deceive unbelievers! If you are talking about ‘war ‘
      every general on the battle field uses deception ! It is high treason
      in any country for any solidier to say the troops are hiding in the corner or to reveal the battle strategy! That is why our government
      prosecutes for treason and spying ! Right here in Lancaster there is
      a spy plane to spy on the citizens! The Holy Qur’an says ” do not
      spy on one another !We have in-fra red camera’s designed to see in
      darkness,sophisticated listening devices on eye glasses,pins of needless
      and control rooms that look in us from every avenue!Undercover cops,
      plan clothes and even though who pretend to be drug dealers,swinderlers,
      and crooks of every type to catch the next guy!No one is permitted
      to lie about God,humanity,individual and social justice! Spy’s exist
      from other countries and/or from all countries including our’s.

      I have no need to devalue Judaism,Christianity or Islam> As the actor
      Clint East wood puts it ‘The good bad and ugly ‘ exist in all faiths!
      The Imam/minister W.D.Muhammad encouraged all faiths to look for the
      good in all faiths. Why ? Because you can open the middle of any
      scripture and find a passage on ‘war’!If you go into it looking for
      a reason to be ‘topsy turvy’ you will find it! If you go in looking
      for peace,harmony,mercy,forgiveness,and love’ you will find it. If you
      have a sound mind and you are balanced,stable and you are a practicle
      individual you will be guided!However, one’ can come out on the deep
      end if he,she or they are not rightly guided. But again, to actually
      accuse millions or billions of people as being of one mind set are
      to say that everyone has the same perception or understanding would
      be in-correct.

      I happen to believe God is bigger than scripture! That is sometimes
      people can mis-understand and/or each teacher can only teach occording
      to the level of his/her understanding. That is, a person can’t teach
      what they don’t know!

      There are many religious figures of all faiths who manipulate scripture
      to serve their own means. I grew up watching scripture being used for
      get rich schemes and deceving flock in the name of God. Tha is not a
      new phenomenon. There are many charlatans that expliot people,suck
      all the life blood (resources,properties and even their minds)from
      the flowers. Jim Jones was a prime example. If the teacher has a grudge,
      filled with hate and has an axe to grind then he or she is going to
      pass that on to the followers! However, if the motivation is truly
      to serve God and humanity the case in point looks for the good and
      for solutions to conflict,ignorance and spiritual darkness!

      I am a public speaker. I have been invited at every level of society
      from among all faiths within and out of government.War mongers are in
      every religion, in every country, among every group. All faiths
      have people who will go to the exteme.It is important to be objective
      and straight forward in order to bring peace,harmony and good will
      to humanity as opposed to having our heads stuck in the sand pitting
      one group against the other. I am an American. I am a person of faith
      and good will.I am apart of a community,a state and a nation and I
      am a part of this world! I want to be a positive equation in all the
      above.I have taught in youth facilities,schools,prisons,colleges,
      seminars and non profit groups among people of all creeds,classes
      and colors. I see people first ! Not spots,not labels,titles,dress
      style and economic status,people first !Email
      and notedon you tube as a national speaker.I have lived in palmdale
      for twmenty three years and profiled in the Antelop Valley Press via
      publications for the entire twentythree years. I am pleased to be
      a new addition to Majeed Askia/Palmdale

  2. Miffed American
    December 8, 2011 at 6:50 am

    Desperation! this was a crime and if ya can’t do time don’t do the crime. People paid money for things that were not real. They opened up business knowing they were selling a bill of not so good goods. Good Grief!

    • Abdul Majeed Askia
      December 8, 2011 at 3:03 pm

      Adam and Eve was in a perfect situation,heaven on earth,the garden of
      eden, paradise ! And what did they do ? They ate from the forbidden
      fruit.They, couldn’t blame it on television,bad parents,negative enviornment, poverty,racism,oppression,drugs,or alcohol. Lucifer was
      also in heaven,one of the angels, and what did he do ? He decided
      he wanted to be equal with god, so the story goes. As we know he was
      kicked out of heaven ! And where did he land ? Right here on earth ! In
      the story we are told that he is the prince of this world,the prince
      of darkness,the prince of the air. In fact lucifer later becomes satan
      and we are told that he would end up hiding in the house of god and
      be manifested as an angel of light !Imagine that !Now here we are surrounded by everything the bible or scripture says is forbidden
      drugs,gambling,alcohol,prostitution,fornication,sexual advertisement,
      and any and all forms of negativity that is deemed right or legal and
      yet none of this is suppose to have any influence on people ?!In fact
      the opportunity to do all these don’t’s is made available by the very
      society that condemns the users for consuming or biting from the forbidden fruit ! I took a bite from the forbidden fruit that is made
      available at ninety nine percent of stores ! Millions have lived or
      they are living life styles that can lead them to incarceration at
      any point ! We have a strange double standard,on one end you are condemned for drinking alcohol,gambling and having loose sex,but at
      the same time it is dangled in your face,attempts to lure you in daily!
      And of course those who amass billions from these legal sales are
      seen as honorable people.True there is always a choice;nevertheless,
      we must realize these influences are a natural or unnatural part of
      our enviornment !Thus we have prisons and addictions. However,it is
      very strange that many pretend they don’t know or understand the
      contradictions in our society ! A rich persons drug addiction was simply
      an experience, a poor person is condemned !There must be a way out
      of negativity or the ex-con dilemma once you’ve eaten the forbidden
      fruit ! So the story goes !I pray and plead and try my best to encourage
      people to not do things that will cause them to be incarcerated. Of
      course its wrong to deceive anyone,no question.

    • Abdul Majeed Askia
      December 9, 2011 at 3:03 pm

      Some people are not receptive to religion or God. Therefore, I do my
      best to address issues from every angel,-science,logic,reason and plan
      old common sense ! Oftentimes we tell our children to be like so and so,
      or you aught to be a lawyer,doctor,school teacher,minister under the
      assumption people of such status don’t commit wrongs ! Of course we all
      know people on all levels fall short on some level or another. Therefore,the best approach is to encourage anyone to be the best person
      you can be because its the right thing to do !We all belong to the human
      race. We would do good if we thought like that and strive to make
      life better for us all. Even our best may not be all that good but it
      is the right thing to do! Public speaker,

  3. Abdul Majeed Askia
    December 7, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Friends, I hate seeing people caught-up because jails (at least to me)are
    horrible ! I try my best to explain to people to not allow desperation to
    get the best of them. I try from every angle to convince them to go another
    away,not to get caught up in the net of criminal actions. Theres the eye
    spy plane,in-fra-red cameras that make pitch dark look like day light,mic-cro camer’s on just about every type of device you can think of,listening
    devices that stretch for miles and the fact that the agency doesn’t even have to leave the headquarters,they can watch you from the control room !
    The bottom line is the odds are against you getting away no matter how you
    look at it ! Why would I come to the aid of someone doing wrong! The idea
    is to convince them not to do it !!! The only one win when it comes to
    crime is the california correctional department at thirtyfive thousand
    dollars ahead for medical and housing and then the extended parole or
    probation that will follow !It is not a good life. I was incarcerated as
    a teenager and for me it was a venture into another world, a mad world !
    I can’t see anything worth being behind walls short of defending yourself,your family and your property. Something noble if there is such
    a cause for going to prison! Prison is hell on earth,the bottom of the
    pit,the fiery furnance,the lions den and the house of Frankenstein !!!
    The mad mad scientist.Beware, it is not a fun place to be. It is halloween
    twentyfour seven> It is alow down dirty shame to have to spend your youth
    in these places.Its a trap!Branded for life. I am putting all my ennergy
    into encouraging people to take charge of your life,learn self mastery,
    self discipline and choose your destiny! Abdul Majeed Askia,public speaker.

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