Gracefest 2011: Music with a message

Gracefest AV 2011

PALMDALE – Hundreds or residents of all ages converged on the Palmdale Amphitheater Saturday for Gracefest AV 2011. Organizers said the event was a chance to unite the many churches throughout the Antelope Valley.

Group 1 Crew was a hit with teens.“The most important thing that has happened here at Gracefest AV is a lot of people from many churches have come together to worship Jesus, to talk with one another, to promote unity in our community, to pray for one another, to listen to the message and the music, and to just worship the Lord,” said Prayer Member David Woodman.

The event held something for all ages. For children there was face painting, a rock climbing wall, and a Dora the Explorer inflatable bounce house.

Gracefest 2011For adults the event held inspirational speakers like Sean Smith, raffles and more than a dozen vendors selling merchandise with a Christian message. And for teens, there was up-to-date music performed by popular Christian acts like Sarah Kelly and the Group 1 Crew.

“The music is real up-to-date music,” said 17-year-old Anthony Wells, of Lancaster United Methodist Church. “It is making everybody feel good about themselves and not being scared to show their feelings for God.”

“It’s a good experience where you can come and hang with your family, have a good spiritual experience, and just chill with God,” said 16-year-old Dillon Marx of Lancaster United Methodist Church.

Gracefest AV 2011 began Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. with a prayer rally and culminated Saturday with an all day festival at the Palmdale Amphitheater. Headline performances featured top Christian contemporary artists Lincoln Brewster, Group 1 Crew, Rush of Fools and Sarah Kelly. GraceFest AV is a fundraiser for the Kids Charities of the Antelope Valley. Festival proceeds go to numerous local Christian schools to provide further education. The following are some sights from Gracefest AV on Saturday.

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  1. Matt Keltner
    September 19, 2011 at 11:34 am


    Some things are better left un-politicized. Not everything has to have a sinister undertone. Perhaps this was just an innocuous event for various denominations to gather, sing and share their spirituality. Looking at the photos here and in the Valley Press, that seems like the case.

    In some ways, I wish I could have gone and listened to the music myself. I love gospel music!

  2. Matt Keltner
    September 19, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    First of all, I do not care whether or not you are older than me, you are Ace Carter, the name your parents gave you. It has nothing to do with “manners” but everything to do with the handle you have chosen to identify yourself on this site. Start using the handle “Mr. Carter” and that is what I will call you.

    As for having you banned from “”, that is something which you accomplished all on your own. Of course, it isn’t hard to figure out how you were banned or why, once anyone reads the inflammatory or potentially libelous things you post about people all of the time. Nevermind your grossly homophobic remarks that you made on that blogsite.

    You want me to respect you as an “elder”, but yet you write something as asinine and childish as “I see you as an enemy…” Alrighty then…Sure, “Mr. Carter”

    You love to bait-and-switch and that has been your game all along. In a post under another article, you demean my years of education and make remarks about me having gone to AV College (last time I checked, most people start out at a junior college somewhere), but I dare not defend myself lest I become Ace Carter’s “enemy”.

    I will comment wherever I want to and on whatever issue I want to. If you have a problem with that, this is a big desert and there’s lots of sand for you to go pound !

    Have a nice evening!

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