Have ‘Coffee with a Deputy’ this Thursday

Deputy Miguel Ruiz speaks with Lancaster resident Willie Green at the Feb. 13 'Coffee with a Deputy' meeting.

Deputy Miguel Ruiz speaks with Lancaster resident Willie Green at the Feb. 13 ‘Coffee with a Deputy’ meeting.

LANCASTER – Do you have questions about crime and quality-of-life issues in your Lancaster neighborhood? Bring them to the attention of local law enforcement in an informal setting this Thursday.

The latest installment of “Coffee with a Deputy” starts at 8 a.m. this Thursday, March 13, at the Lemon Leaf Café, located at 653 West Lancaster Boulevard in Lancaster.

The “Coffee with a Deputy” program is designed to create a comfortable atmosphere where residents can meet with representatives from the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station to discuss various community safety topics, crime prevention and other law enforcement services.

Team members from the city’s Public Safety Office will also be on hand to provide information about the Neighborhood Watch program, as well as contact information for other city services.

The “Coffee with a Deputy” program is held on the second Thursday of each month.

For more information, contact Lancaster Sheriff’s Station’s Community Relations deputy Miguel Ruiz at 661-948-8466.

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  1. DavidG
    March 11, 2014 at 10:11 am

    This event is a joke…trust me if you ever get pulled over…its not these warm and fuzzy PR desk jockies you will deal with…you will end up with a rude and angry character. I am 60..white..nice car…I got pulled over 2 years ago for a lane change violation and I fully cooperated…the motor officier was extremely rude…yelling…no make that screaming…this guy had serious issues. I thought well if they do that to me..I’d hate to be black or Hispanic. Funny thing is I am a concervative law and order type…but these cowboys are over the top…and that is the culture of their Dept…they are just doing what their bosses want them to do…so go to this dog and pony show if you want…but its a joke…

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