36th Assembly District year-end report

By Assemblymember Steve Fox, 36th Assembly District

Steve Fox

Steve Fox

As the first year of my first legislative session draws to a close, I wanted to let you know about the progress the Legislature has made on key priorities for the District. Areas like bringing jobs to the Antelope Valley, reinvigorating the local economy, working to expand higher education, and improving the lives of our veterans have been where I focused my efforts.

Below is a summary of the work that was accomplished.

Restored $2.7 million in Redevelopment Agency funds for the City of Palmdale

  • Palmdale has been hit hard by the great recession, and these funds are urgently needed to bring jobs back to the Antelope Valley; and
  • Creates an opportunity for building and improving the city from within, generating local jobs for local professionals.

Fought to restore the Antelope Valley Enterprise Zone

  • Provides local small businesses with an incentive to hire locally—keeping regional dollars in our own communities.

Encouraged the Federal Government to bring up to 100,000 jobs to CA for the aerospace industry

  • Assembly Bill (AB) 737 and Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 6 created a plan for the implementation of drone testing in California and requests that the Federal Aviation Administration consider California as one of the six planned test sites for unmanned aircraft systems and integration of those systems into the next-generation air transportation system.

Obtained a State Audit of water agencies that serve the Antelope Valley

  • Residents have repeatedly expressed they cannot afford to pay their water bills.
  • One of the water providers in my district listed in the audit request has submitted a 60% rate increase request to the PUC which would make the average monthly bill $190 in some areas.
  • This audit will let residents know how these agencies are spending ratepayer money.

Secured $3.6 million for local governments to develop renewable energy projects

  • AB 1060 provided grant funding opportunities to desert counties for local renewable energy and conservation plans.
  • Kern County expressed immediate interest in applying for a renewable energy planning grant.

Worked to bring a public higher education institution to the Antelope Valley

  • Authored AB 736, which authorizes a study regarding the feasibility of a California State University in the Antelope Valley.
  • The district has a higher high school graduation rate than the statewide average, but our students have no opportunities to seek a four-year degree locally.
  • Creating a CSU, Antelope Valley would help keep our best and brightest in the area.

Co-authored bill addressing veterans housing and homelessness

  • Co-authored legislation that authorizes the issuance of $600 million in general obligation (GO) bonds for the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable housing and affordable transitional housing for veterans and their families – if approved by the voters on the 2014 statewide ballot.

Authored a new law that targets academic weaknesses of students in Juvenile Court Schools

  • Data shows an overwhelming number of juvenile court students are performing at three or more years below their grade level.
  • AB 631 provides targeted reading and math instruction to students in juvenile court schools who are far below basic skill levels in these subjects.
  • When students see improvements in their academic abilities they become engaged and will be encouraged to continue their education.

Authored a new law protecting student athletes

  • Student athletes often suffer minor blows to the head during practice and competition. Even a minor blow to the head can have serious consequences.
  • AB 588 requires private and charter school student athletes to be immediately removed from a sports activity if he or she is suspected to have sustained a concussion and prohibits the athlete from returning to the sport until he or she is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance to return to play.

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  4 comments for “36th Assembly District year-end report

  1. Miranda
    December 14, 2013 at 12:56 am

    Does this really impress anyone? All I see is a lot of empty promises of hope that this valley can no longer afford. Perhaps the real facts should be brought to life and not the factory of lies these politicians produce. If only the residents of this valley really knew this politician they would be severely disappointed that he represents us in Sacramento.

  2. Geoff
    December 12, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    Steve fox is a joke his whole career has been!!!! Please if you have to brag about what you have done then you have not done crap or people would be talking about it not reading your bullcrap lies on this website….so please stop blowing smoke up peoples tails and do something real……also the previous comment is amazing

  3. Maria Paesano
    December 12, 2013 at 4:22 am

    Like the rest of the cronies on the city council, the school board, the police departments, social services, juvenile ( youth) organizers, unions, medical workers, business owners, and the so-called ” professionals” you take credit for employing you are all nothing more than a disgusting network of MANIPULATERs , liars and thieves. HOW DARE YOU pretend that ANYTHING you do or are doing has / is in effort to truly help any of the CITIZENS who live here. The only people you benefit are those who are in cahoots to help line yours and their pockets and bank accounts with OUR MONEY. I fully intend to address every issue you have outlined here including the redevelopment money scam, your fake ” local” enterprise zone, the real purpose for drone testing and who gets ” targeted” ( see articles on traffic accidents ), how our water was “stolen” ( much like our other utilities and resources ) , the political ,financial and intellectual scam involving our schools and universities, the HOUSING SCAM and it’s true purpose ( to own and control people’s possessions and lives) and the latest issue involving assault, battery and shut down ( more like ” shut up” ) these ” athletes”? ( is that what your calling me? Huh funny ) who would be a threat to putting an end to your “game” . Well believe me it’s not over. To all of you out there who have been affected and hurt financially, mentally, physically and emotionally by these liars and thieves I will not give up and will find a way to reveal the information and the TRUTH behind all this fraud and deception that has destroyed the lives of so many good and honest people. PLEASE those of you who have been hurt/ affected by these or any other issues, post your story/ experience either here or to the paper or at council meetings…( am sorry I was not at the last one as I was attacked several days before in my home )..I know how hard they can make it to do that BELIEVE ME, but this situation will only get worse ( and very soon ) unless more people come forward and put a stop to this deceit. I think an emergency meeting is in order…. If anyone out there can help , please we need you!!!

    • Luisa Hidalgo
      December 14, 2013 at 6:42 pm

      Maria: Sorry to hear that you were attacked in your house. Who or what attacked you? Was the police summoned? Did you seek medical treatment? You seemed to have an issue against everyone in public office. Perhaps, you should just leave to a different place. If you feel that you could do better, then run for office or just run away.

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