NowHiringThis position focuses on the educational needs of the CYFC program participants, in foster care and on probation.

The Youth Education Specialist embraces the CYFC mission and vision of a holistic approach when coordinating and managing the tutoring program by ensuring students in the program are showing continuous progress and that academic interventions target students’ specific areas of need.

The Youth Education Specialist is responsible for providing each student with individualized attention to improve their academic performance. The main goal is to ensure students graduate high school, attend a post-secondary education institution, vocational program, and/or attain employment and transition successfully into adulthood.

In addition, under the direction of the Program Manager, the Youth Education Specialist must collaborate with various outside agencies such as the Department of Children and Family Services and Probation Department to share data, address challenges and identify best practices to meet the individuals needs of each student.


  • Collaborate across agencies to develop and implement educational plans/goals for foster and probation youth.
  • Attend monthly Care Team meetings to share data, address challenges and identify best practices.
  • Create individualized educational plans.
  • Establish an interactive and safe environment where students feel welcomed.
  • Monitor and document student’s academic progress to ensure academic interventions target deficient areas.
  • Assist foster youth in attaining post-secondary vocational, educational, and/or employment.
  • Collaborate with school staff (i.e. teachers, counselors, principals, etc).
  • Per grant deliverables: Maintain complete and organized student files.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Social Sciences, or related field.
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge in all subjects including but not limited to: Math, Language Arts, and Science.
  • Minimum of 1 year tutoring experience.
  • Pass a livescan test and TB test.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Must be able to communicate in a professional manner with parents/caregivers, school staff, social workers, and probation personnel.
  • Knowledge of teaching strategies and learning styles


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