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  1. Mr. Mister
    September 23, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Antonivich is not happy…

    In the 9/22/13 edition of the Valley Press, Parris said concerns about the birthing tourism are just hysteria and paranoia! Oh man, laughable to say the least.

    • William
      September 23, 2013 at 1:40 pm

      I suspect that the board will approve the plan so as not to disturb the wheeling and dealing with the
      Chinese companies Rex is courting.

      We’ll see.

      Then, the voters can get rid of everyone on the board who voted for it. I wonder if this board will create some kind of long term commitment that another future board can’t overturn. Nothing is beyond these people.

  2. William
    September 18, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Has the Rex gone silent? Usually he has a lot to say on everything but other than “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies” we haven’t heard much from him lately.

    • Letlow
      September 18, 2013 at 5:20 pm

      LOL!!! You took it back to Prissy. Best laugh of the day!

      • William
        September 18, 2013 at 5:25 pm

        Well, the ‘Bag of Wind’ reminded me of ‘Gone With The Wind’.

        Now, if only he’d be gone and take his ‘wind’ with him.

  3. AVTimesReader
    September 18, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Yeah! In America, the politicians lobbies for abortions’ right so that they can reserve the Chinese babies who eventually automatic to be the American citizens. Rip-off the elders’ benefits, raise taxes on labor forces then give that money to those Chinese (majority) babies.

    I remember that was one of “The Art of Concur other Civilization”. If they cannot fight against, then they will do slowly concur by changing civilization. Later on those Chinese will control the American politics. By the nature of Chinese, unlike the others, they are very strong on keeping their culture and values generation by generation, so later on they virtually have no difficult to change Americans.

    • AVTimesReader
      September 18, 2013 at 10:49 am

      Soon, the Chinese will pay extra for those tourists like the China solar companies :)

  4. William
    September 10, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    You don’t suppose that the BYD deal was sweetened by having the hospital provide the ‘birthing and citizenship’ incentive, do ya? What if that was promised behind the scenes? How would we ever know or find out? I doubt if anyone privy to that information would ever blab.

    Nah. Nothing like that would ever happen in Lancaster, a city with leadership of the highest integrity and ethical standards.

    • DrinkYourKoolAid
      September 10, 2013 at 3:35 pm

      I tend to lean more towards a hospital board who is oblivious to the political climate of the AV and PR thinking that they could put that out there to increase revenue. I doubt there was any sinister conspiracy.

      • William
        September 10, 2013 at 9:11 pm

        Well, you’re right about ‘oblivious’.

        AV Hospital isn’t a private hospital, is it?

        One would imagine that the political climate and public relations would be of particular interest to the elected board, wouldn’t one?

        What if, just what if, the ‘birthing’ issue was secretly part of the BYD deal and if public pressure demands that the hospital not proceed with their plans, that the BYD deal falters? Maybe they’ll make 1 bus and then close the place, leaving the street name behind.

        Sounds crazy, huh? Only in Lancaster would that be plausible. Only after watching the fishy, unscrupulous activity in Lancaster over the years would I even have such a thought.

        You may have heard the history of how the zoning got changed and the tactics used to locate the Walmart across from Quartz Hill High School. Yeah, that all happened with the utmost transparency and integrity.

        Dr. Farrukh claims secrecy due to competition in this market segment while Parris claims he only heard about it a couple weeks ago.

        Now, tell me you believe both of them. I anxiously await. We don’t want to give the word ‘conspiracy’ a bad name, do we, DrinkYourKoolAid?

      • Larry Brown
        September 18, 2013 at 7:59 am

        Anyone who is too stupid to see the “sinister” implications of selling citizenship should be euthanized in the same hospital. Maybe that would raise some revenue?

  5. Bonz CXL
    September 10, 2013 at 6:02 am

    Just had a thought. One of these babies could be the first asian president.

  6. sikntired
    September 9, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    So then, are the future children of these anchor babies automatically American citizens too, since their parent is ? Scary scenario if that is true.

    • hypocriteburrido
      February 2, 2014 at 10:33 pm

      All the anchor babies of illegal Mexicans will also give birth to American citizens.

  7. Critical Thinker
    September 9, 2013 at 8:59 am

    Here is a link to another news article regarding Birth Tourism in the Marianna Islands.

    “Birth tourism causes other problems too.

    Inos said the Commonwealth Health Center, the only hospital on Saipan, may require tourists to provide a security deposit to combat the problem of bills left unpaid. Another proposal would raise the price of issuing birth certificates to certain types of visitors to as much as $50,000 from $20.”

    • Son of the Anti Rex
      September 9, 2013 at 1:05 pm

      So these affluent individuals cannot afford to go to the best hospitals in their owm country? Really? Is the Antelope Valley Hospital better at providing delivery care than all the hospitals in China? Believe that and I’ll sell you some flood zone property so you can build some fairgrounds on it. Oh wait never mind. That’s already been done.

  8. Jim
    September 7, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    King Rex is demonstrating his presidential talents, he could move into the white house right now and take his lackeys with him.

    • Son of the Anti Rex
      September 7, 2013 at 6:41 pm

      Rex would be the American Caligula.

      • William
        September 7, 2013 at 6:44 pm

        Would who be the horse?

        • Son of the Anti Rex
          September 7, 2013 at 6:50 pm

          Marv Crist, although a real horse is smarter.

          • William
            September 7, 2013 at 7:48 pm

            The analogy is remarkable. History repeats itself.

            Can Crist count by stomping his foot?

            Can you picture Crist eating a sugar cube out of Parris’s open palm? Must make Ron Smith so insanely jealous.

            Is it true that Rex has a giant picture of himself on his bedroom ceiling?

            The Antelope Valley would be so dull without these characters…..like a desert.

          • Pegasso
            September 7, 2013 at 10:05 pm

            Painting of himself much like Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, touching fingers with Marv.

  9. chrlrss
    September 7, 2013 at 8:43 am

    Must be hard for them competing with the drug lords sending their wives to AV Hospital. Great rep they are getting!
    Although, better they come in & pay big bucks to give birth as opposed to the illegals coming over & us paying for them to give birth.
    One question tho… why do we do so much business, butt kissing with China, a communist country when we still have bans/embargos on Cuba because it is a communist country?

    • AVTimesReader
      September 18, 2013 at 11:24 am

      Because the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which owns more about $1.2 trillion in bills, notes and bonds, according to the Treasury and Cuba isn’t. Money can buy everythings. :)

  10. T.
    September 4, 2013 at 10:26 am


    • DaviDIR
      September 6, 2013 at 4:25 pm

      YOu are very annoying pearl clutching PC enabler. It isn’t racist. It depicts a very accurate social political problem. THe problem involves with the Chinese getting automatic citizenship for their children enticed here by the unscrupulous Antelope Valley Hospital system. We have enough of this already with people violating our borders;we don’t need to import it.

    • Alpha Centaurian
      September 6, 2013 at 9:04 pm

      Since when is being opposed to selling citizenship racist?

      • Truth
        September 9, 2013 at 11:58 pm

        Since the price was blood and free labor and the lives of children.

  11. Green is a cover-up
    September 3, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    I am amazed at what Raymond can sell, nobody raises any concern at all. I would call this a hopeless situation. Brace for the worst.

    • William
      September 7, 2013 at 7:55 pm

      Ol’ Rex would fail a voir dire himself. Both sides would want him excused.

  12. IJS
    September 3, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Wow… so what happens if the parents get deported.. Do the children stay and the go to foster care? or do the parents get citizenship because their child is a US citizen..

    This just goes to show you Y’ALL’S mayor REX is up for sale and he will sell out to anyone if the price is right. Palmdale is starting to look better and better to me….

    • AVGirl
      September 3, 2013 at 9:35 pm

      From everything I have read, Chinese moms who come here to give birth do not stay in the US. They return to China with the child, who now has a US passport. Down the road that child can return to the US as they are a citizen. Birth tourism is still new so the full impact of it hasn’t been felt yet. We will have to wait and see as the children grow up and possibly return to the US, if they decide to.

      • Constitution Lover
        September 4, 2013 at 2:14 am

        This is a blatant abuse and misuse of the 14th Amendment. Birth tourism makes a mockery of the good intentions of number 14. If circumventing the citizenship process were not the ultimate goal, these anchor babies would be born in places like Japan, South Korea, Austraila or heaven forbid, China, where they should be born.

        • Truth
          September 10, 2013 at 12:03 am

          “Wealthy” families, which are a new concept in China, are still bound by birth limits and overpopulation. Would you rather the trend of parents killing baby girls in order to protect their estate?

          • Son of the Anti Rex
            September 10, 2013 at 10:49 am

            Spare the poor babies sob story. These are wealthy people who know what their country’s policy is towards having children. They can afford contraceptives and vasectomies. But if they still must have more children. They can easily go to countries much closer. This isn’t about saving the babies. This is some back room deal made to get around the system and to circumvent the legitimate immigration policy. I wonder what other deals were cut.

          • AVTimesReader
            September 18, 2013 at 12:48 pm

            Maybe soon the Chinese Gov. will pump money into poor family’s bank accounts and said those are “wealthy”

  13. William
    September 2, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    This isn’t gonna work. I think there is only 1 Chinese restaurant on the BLVD.

    Rex better get going on this overlooked item.

    Will ‘Moo Goo Gai Parris’ be a good name for a new restaurant?

    Y’know. It’s a good thing Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have never heard of
    The Rex Parris. He’d be an international laughing stock instead of just local.

    • sikntired
      September 2, 2013 at 8:51 pm

      Maybe it’s time to drop a dime.( Moo Goo Gai Parris,good one)

  14. sikntired
    September 2, 2013 at 4:28 pm
  15. yabbbadabba
    September 2, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    I’m curious as to whether or not this was a deal made with BYD, the Chinese Manufacturer of electric buses and batteries?
    We as citizens of Lancaster, Ca., weren’t told that this agreement was made. Isn’t it unconstitutional to pick just one group of people over another?
    We all need to know.
    Are the affluent Chinese pregnant women owners/part owner’s of BYD? How can we as regular Lancaster City residents find out?
    I agree with William: Selling U.S. citizenship to keep the AV Hospital afloat is wrong!

  16. William
    September 2, 2013 at 11:54 am

    I have the perfect solution. I always do.

    Have a special obstetrics unit at the AV Hospital on land deeded to China as though it were an embassy. So, the babies born in that unit on Chinese land will be Chinese citizens. Hopefully, there isn’t some goofy law that still allows them to be U.S. citizens because there are loopholes everywhere. Ask Parris.

    I wonder if the expectant moms will still come to the AV Hosptial under those circumstances.

    • Cousin of the Anti Rex
      September 2, 2013 at 12:23 pm

      That’s a great idea. That solves the citizenship issue. Who cares if Rex can’t keep the promises he made to his pals in China. America first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • William
        September 2, 2013 at 1:44 pm

        When it comes to any issue involving Rex Parris, FOLLOW THE MONEY, as they say.

        Everything is about $$$$$S with Rex. $921 million as his billboards boast.

        • Mr. Mister
          September 18, 2013 at 12:05 pm

          Haven’t you seen the new one??
          It’s up to $978,000 now!

          • Mr. Mister
            September 18, 2013 at 12:06 pm


  17. Interesting.....
    September 2, 2013 at 11:39 am

    This particular issue just highlights the schizophrenia of the local Republican Party. “We want all of the money you can bring us, you rich Chinese folks, but we hate your government because it forces abortions. We love you. We hate you. We love you. We hate you.” You gotta love it! Turning birth tourism into a humanitarian issue! They better go easy on that abortion thing, though. China gets a little touchy about criticism of its human rights records, and if they pick up that the community is dissing them on abortions, they may just pull out of some deals. You better get your troops in line, Rexy or you stand to lose a ton of money.

    • DaviDIR
      September 6, 2013 at 4:32 pm

      It is not for humanitarian reasons. It is for the Antelope Valley Hospital to make a profit off of giving MediCal to these imported women to give birth to a whole new group of anchor babies

  18. William
    September 1, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    This was from an AV Times article in May. Everything was going good.

    “When Mirzabegian accepted the position of CEO in July 2007, the hospital had accumulated a nearly $12 million loss and was on the verge of bankruptcy. By July 2008, Mirzabegian and the hospital leadership team were able to reduce the deficit to a $1.96 million loss. In fiscal year 2009, the hospital finished with nearly $9 million in profit, and has remained positive since that time. In fact, fiscal year 2011 closed with a profit of nearly $21 million.”

  19. Citizen
    September 1, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    If they want to have their babies here I have no problem with it. However since they are not living here they should not get citizenship here. I believe this should apply anywhere.

    I am not worried about this country becoming communist because we are headed toward socialism at a fast pace. The citizens gave up their rights long ago and refuse to take them back from the corporations that actually run this nation.

    • Son of the Anti Rex
      September 1, 2013 at 8:51 pm

      Neither is the Communist supporting mayor concerned. More back room deals at our expense. Greed is not good.

      • Concerned
        September 2, 2013 at 9:30 am

        Agreed! Redorktard Rex is selling Lancaster to Chinese communists as fast as he can.

    • AVGirl
      September 1, 2013 at 9:06 pm

      Since it is the 14th Amendment that guarantees citizenship to those born here, it would be a huge legal battle to alter that.

      • Constitution Lover
        September 1, 2013 at 9:46 pm

        We who love the Constitution welcome the challenge. The Constitution is greater than a profit motivated mayor.

  20. Not Why
    September 1, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    The 14th Amendment was intended to make sure that the children of slaves became citizens. There are many people screaming that if they don’t come to America, they will be forced to have an abortion. Garbage. The only people who are forced to have abortions now in China are the poor folks in the country. Affluent citizens are pretty much above the law in China. It’s not every often that I agree with George Runner, but on this one, he’s right on. Also, kudos to Steve Knight for calling out this nonsense. Since this is a Federal Issue, is Buck McKeon or Kevin McCarthy ready to weigh in? I hope they don’t blow this one off by saying it’s a “local” issue.

    • KT
      September 2, 2013 at 9:58 am

      Right on Not Why! Right on. We need to take this to the top. President Obama, are you listening? Senators Feinstein and Boxer, are you listening?

    • William
      September 2, 2013 at 11:31 am

      Ol’ Buck weighed in and then weighed out on this one.

    • William
      September 7, 2013 at 8:04 pm

      I wonder if it would be possible for Sacramento to pass a law banning what the hospital wants to do?

      Would it be constitutional?

      After all, sex between 2 consenting adults is perfectly legal as is granting citizenship to any infant born in the United States. However, sex between 2 consenting adults for money is illegal. You can ask a police officer not to give you a speeding ticket but you better not offer him/her money to do so.

      So, I’m guessing such a law could pass constitutional muster because of money being exchanged for what is otherwise a legal activity. Interesting quality that money has, isn’t it?

      Get on it Steve Knight and Steve Fox. Write up a law and we’ll see what happens.

  21. AVGirl
    September 1, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Here are a few articles on the subject. It boils down to the child having US citizenship. Once the child turns 21, the parents can apply for green cards.




    I have not seen the comments regarding this by Parris, if anyone has a link they could provide, I would love to see it.

  22. Letlow
    September 1, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    I honestly don’t see what the big deal is, and I’m not trying to be argumentative either. If the Chinese mothers can afford to come give birth in Lancaster, this means they are affluent and won’t be sucking up resources. If the hospital gets extra money to offset the cost of serving the indigent population for free, then what’s the problem? More Chinese citizens? So what? If someone can explain why this is a problem, without any crazy communist China takeover theories, then I’m all ears!

    • Plant42ForLife
      September 1, 2013 at 4:52 pm


      • 10dog
        September 1, 2013 at 7:03 pm

        and becoming automatic citizens. This should be a BIG no, no for anyone having baby’s who are not citizens!!!

        • AVGirl
          September 1, 2013 at 9:10 pm

          That would mean altering the Constitution.

    • AVGirl
      September 1, 2013 at 4:55 pm

      Because it looks like it is consider immigration fraud. Also the women doing this will usually return to China and hide their child’s citizenship as having dual citizenship is not permitted in China. By assisting with this, it is helping defraud both governments.

      • Son of the Anti Rex
        September 1, 2013 at 8:54 pm

        It looks like immigration fraud because it is immigration fraud. Not of much concern to the mayor of Lancaster. Is he trying to drive the military out of the valley?

        • AVGirl
          September 1, 2013 at 9:08 pm

          Immigration has the right to refuse entry to pregnant women, but according to several news article, they rarely do stating that this is a grey area because the women coming here are also behaving like tourists. Thing is, they come here with the intent to have their babies. Not to mention that by having a baby in the US, they are skirting the 1 child law in China

          • One Child law no more
            September 2, 2013 at 11:42 am

            The one child law in China is set to sunset in a year or two. They figured out that they were running out of women. Seriously.

          • AVGirl
            September 2, 2013 at 1:29 pm

            @One Child
            China has also made it easier for families to have male babies. They have several methods that produce higher odds for boys. So does India.

            It appears that China will allow some families to have 2 children sometime in 2015


    • William
      September 2, 2013 at 11:39 am

      There is something inherently immoral about ‘selling’ U.S. citizenship to keep the AV Hospital afloat. I’m sure there are very good hospitals in China for the affluent. It may be legal but so was all that unethical stuff that Wall Street did that crashed our economy.

      Why don’t we just build obstetric units on the land of the U.S. Embassy in China to save the expectant moms-to-be a trip across the Pacific Ocean?

      For some strange reason, I have to ‘stand behind the line’ at the drug store to maintain patient confidentiality but everything else in this country is a complete free for all every where you look.

      • yabbbadabba
        September 2, 2013 at 2:55 pm

        BYD I’m sure that a deal was wagered as this is a manufacturing company from China.
        William is correct in stating that it is immoral to sell U.S. Citizenship to keep A.V. Hospital afloat.

  23. Rooney
    September 1, 2013 at 3:30 pm


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