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  1. William
    July 15, 2013 at 2:40 am

    I love teasing the Rex as much as anyone but we need to put our heads together and create an effective way to replace him at the next election, if not sooner.

    Register new voters.

    Put out an accurate list of the things he’s done that are outrageous, self-serving, divisive, counter-productive and just plain stupid, shooting-his-mouth-off quotes to the public.
    If he loses a couple of the pending lawsuits, we should play that up as his obsession with suing and costing Lancaster residents necessary expenses while needed projects go wanting.

    Pricking his thin skin seems to elicit the most desperate and pathetic responses from him such as the Facebook “Get Parris Out Of Lancaster” page.

    Come up with new and visionary ideas for Lancaster aside from the BLVD on-going-fixer-upper project and roundabouts and spy planes and Walmarts and other Parris ‘bucket list’ items.

    What do Lancaster residents really want for their city? I know crime prevention is high on the list but what amenities or future developments would thrill them. The BLVD seems to get a lot of flak from Lancaster residents themselves. I’m sure they must want better shopping and dining besides the little places on the BLVD that are empty most of the day unless there is an event needed to promote the place.

    Are Lancaster residents really behind all the solar capital promotion or are they simply letting Parris do his thing.

    How about demanding that Lancaster city elections take place with other statewide, countywide or national elections instead of the rigged, low voter turnout ones purposely held in the spring for that reason and at added expense.

    I live in Palmdale, but I’ll do what I can to remove or replace Parris as he is a bad seed for the entire Valley. Ask Quartz Hill. And, he really can’t complain if outsiders intervene in Lancaster politics as they’ve been doing it to Palmdale for years and more intrusive at that. I mean, trying to get ‘their’ people voted on the Palmdale City Council.

    The only thing needed is a lot of people taking effective action to remove him. Who would have thought that Steve Fox would win last year? I didn’t but I’m so glad he did. I think that’s one nail in the Parris coffin, Smith losing and being thrown under the bus. It’s gonna take a lot a nails to make sure that coffin is sealed tight forever. I just saw Johnny Depp in “Dark Shadows” and saw what happens when that coffin is opened again.

    I think we’d all like to hear suggestions from Lancaster residents about what they’d really want for their city besides complaints. And, if they make known their specific ideas, it’s something to work with as a starting point. For example, I’ve heard a desire for a skateboard park. I don’t care about skateboarding but if enough people want one and it’s feasible, why not? It’s their city. Was the Lancaster populace begging for the BLVD? Or, was it heaped on them without much say in the matter?

    There is one smart thing that Lancaster did that Palmdale didn’t. I think that the car pool parking lot on Avenue K between the freeway and Marie Callender’s is great for several reasons. It’s small, so there isn’t a lot of in and out traffic at busy times. It’s in a piece of land inside a freeway onramp that is typically useless. It’s probably safer because of the location with a lot of traffic on K and businesses next door. And, it’s attractive. There probably should be one of them at most of the freeway onramp circles in Palmdale and Lancaster.

    I think those 2 huge parking lots on Avenue S are misguided. Too big. Too isolated as far as safety and why on earth have a parking lot overlooking the lake so that cars can enjoy the view all day while their owners work. I’m sure better use could have been made of those parcels. Income producing use at that.

    So, if you are serious about unloading the current problem person, start a project with ideas and plans of action.

    • SoSickofExcuses
      July 15, 2013 at 3:44 pm

      Isn’t the parking lot on Ave S, the place where the security guard killed the young woman a few years ago. Scary place.

      • William
        July 15, 2013 at 4:13 pm

        Yes. I didn’t want to go into that. I’ve picked up my car there at 11 PM and it’s isolated compared to other better locations.

  2. Scott Pelka
    July 14, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    Rex is claiming his 4 lawsuits against 2 neighboring cities is to defend the Hispanic populations “voter rights”. Making sure to use the word “Hispanic” every time he makes a public comment concerning them.
    Even on Facebook. ANYONE who criticizes his lawsuits gets a response like “So, you don’t believe Hispanics should be protected under the voting rights act?” or something similar. Yet look what’s happening to the Lancaster school district? Millions will be payed THIS YEAR by the state for English learners, and 19 Hispanic teaching positions are to be eliminated.

    Found this online
    “All five Lancaster School District board members (Grooms, Grado, Giles, Kleven & Miller) voted to do away with jobs held by Latinos even though the district is about to receive MILLIONS of dollars coming for the education of English Language Learners. The trustees voted 5-0 to get rid of TWELVE 3 hour Bilingual Para-Educator positions and reduced NINETEEN 6 hour Bilingual Para-Educator positions to 3 hours. All 19 six hour employees lost half their paycheck and their medical, dental and vision insurance.”

    Add to the above the fact that Park View is in a heavily Hispanic neighborhood, that the Lancaster school board shut down, and now will be reopened to create a pipeline of Hispanic kids into a predatory trade school, saddling those Hispanic kids with crushing debt, maybe Rex is suing the wrong city.

  3. Son of the Anti Rex
    July 14, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Yes, the ones that made the AV an inferno on July 4. Wutt? No wildfires? Again? Maybe next year Rexie you can get your coveted lawsuit.

  4. sikntired
    July 14, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    LOL – are those the evil fireworks?too funny.

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