7 Secrets for Rapidly Attracting Your Ideal Customers for Small Business

marketing secretsOne of the most common questions we hear is related to attracting more “Ideal” customers.

How do I find more ideal customers? How do I attract them through social media? What methods should I use? Should I just offer something?

These are just a few of the common questions we hear.

To make life so much easier for you, I’ve spent countless hours researching how to find your ideal customers and build long lasting relationships with them.

Together, we’re going to create a simple step-by-step Client Attraction plan that will help you get more ideal customers, more qualified leads, and more sales.

Let’s go!

SECRET #1: “The H.A.T. Principles”

The fact of the matter is, when people come across you through online/offline channels, they don’t know who you are, don’t trust you, and don’t want to buy from you. But they do want something that you can give them. They want to be heard and they also want their problems solved. They want to deal with someone who is authentic, transparent, and sincere.

As we work through my “Secrets to Ideal Client Attraction” plan, we’re going to create a solid strategy that not only attracts more ideal prospects but you’re going to enjoy the entire process.

But first, you must understand The ‘H.A.T’ Principles.

Because no one wakes up in the morning and says upon rising, “Oh! I can’t wait to be your ideal client today! Where can I find me a good business to give money to?” We have to attract customers by treating them like we want to be treated.

For example, a very successful fitness trainer might offer 15 minute mindset motivation sessions with potential customers to show them compassion and understanding for their weight loss goals. A motivational speaker may share their personal battle with a drug addiction and how they overcame the impossible.

As you can see, the goal is to create something that causes people to say, “I can totally relate to them!” “They really inspired me!” “I respect them for being honest!” and they become your ideal customers.

The H.A.T. Principles stand for Honesty, Authenticity, and Transparency. It’s something you’ll always need through the life of your business.

Honesty: Be open and honest with them by telling them who you are, where you’re from, and what you do. What’s your story? It’s okay to share your past struggles or how you overcame. It actually motivates and inspires them to do better.

Authenticity: The bottom line is people can smell B.S. a mile away. Don’t tell customers what you think they want to hear. Just be yourself. Be real.

Transparency: Be someone whose message is clear and easy to understand. When people don’t really know where you’re coming from or can’t understand your message, they tend to stray away from you.

Now we’re going to talk about Emotional Connections.

Secret #2: Emotional Connections

As we move forward into your Ideal client attraction plan, here are some questions you want to ask yourself: What is your ideal client struggling with? What problems do they have that you have the solution to? What keeps them up at night? What does she care about? What do they value the most? What are her dreams, aspirations, and goals?

If you’re in weight loss, they want a flatter stomach or a better body. You have to connect with them on an emotional level and let them know you understand.  People buy EMOTIONALLY.

There has to be a reason they want to buy your product or service.

Are you helping them to fulfill a dream? Are you helping them to build their self esteem?  Are you helping them to achieve some kind of goal? How are you going to serve them?

You have to connect with them on all emotional levels through your ACTIONS, INTERACTIONS, and your WORDS. Let them know that you are going to serve them into their transformation. Engage and romance them through the entire process.

Build connections by creating conversations.

Secret #3 Social Media Etiquette

You can attract some of the best ideal customers through social media.

Social Media is just like texting. ~Sandi Krakowski

When you view social media as a tool to connect with people, just like your closest friends, you start to build rapport with them. Think of your Facebook fans and Twitter followers as your closest friends who you respect, honor, and value their friendship.

During your daily interaction, encourage them, remind them to stay on track, and help them to get to the next step.  People really need encouragement at the start of their day or the middle of the day.

Studies have shown that people are on Facebook at: 11am ET, 3pm ET, and 8pm ET

So, it would be awesome to put out your “client attracting” information at that particular time.

Social media is a channel that you can use to connect with people who you’d love to do business with. Create conversations with people and use the H.A.T. principles through social media as well.

Post regularly and be consistent with your interaction. You start to build relationships when you are a regular contributor.

Share your life and pay very close attention to your struggles, input, and feedback to your customers.

Last but not least, lead by example. Don’t go on social media to rant and rave about something. That tends to run people away. Once again, connect with them emotionally.

Secret #4 Feed a ‘Hungry’ Audience

Did you know there are people out there right now that are hungry for your products and services? These people are going to be your ideal customers. I know you’re probably wondering… Where are they? Will they actually buy from me?

The bottom line is you can find them by ‘spying’ on them. I don’t mean literally stalking them or ear hustling on their phone conversations.

I mean you can find your ideal customers by getting information from them without them knowing it. People love to share their frustrations, struggles, and disappointments through discussion forums, online groups, social media, Amazon comments, and question sites.

They are telling you what to serve them with. PERIOD. It’s really simple.  For example, if you have a niche market, go to Amazon.com and look up the bestselling books on that particular subject. Click on Comment Reviews and you will receive a LOT of information from your ideal customers in that niche.

Here are a few other resources to look at for keyword research, questions and answers, completed product listings, and online goal setting…

Look through these forums to see what issues and questions come up over and over again. I can guarantee you that there’s a problem that needs to be solved.

Secret #5 Influence their Mindset

People need you to understand their preferences. They really like to make choices and need options.  In order to understand their preferences, you must understand your ideal client’s mindset.

Let them tell you what’s on their mind. You can do this by politely asking them to fill out a survey. Be compassionate and connect with them on the level they’re on through your website, sales copy, and through social media.

Secret #6 Give them Direction

Imagine someone going to your website and being so confused about where to start. Maybe you have a lot of graphics, flashing banners, and other distractions on your site.

I got some news for you…a confused buyer and a frustrated buyer will NOT buy. People need you to give them direction. Show them where to start. For example, a Getting Started page, FAQ section, or a video on the front of your website to help people navigate the site. Make it as easy as possible for them to BUY NOW.

Secret #7 Referral Incentives

Last but not least… a great way to get more ideal customers is to use referral incentives. You can do this by offering referral incentives to friends, family, social media followers/fans etc… For example, if you are a holistic coach, you can offer your customers a free 15 minute discovery session for referring you to their friends and family.

People who really need your services will certainly respond and others will spread the word. It’s quick, simple, and easy to do.