Beware of ‘package forwarder’ jobs

scamPALMDALE – Palmdale Sheriff’s Station has had two incidents in the past month where local citizens have become involved in credit card fraud schemes, and now authorities are warning all residents to beware.

In both cases, the Palmdale residents accepted jobs over the internet as “package forwarders.”

When hired, the “workers” were told they would be forwarding packages via mail, FedEx and UPS.

They were promised a rate of approximately $35 for each package forwarded; and they were given access to email/online accounts, which provided names and addresses for forwarding the goods.

Authorities say this is what you should know:

These package forwarding jobs are a scam. The goods the “package forwarding employees” are receiving are purchased with stolen credit cards.

Those goods are then resold on EBay or other online auctions. When the victim of the stolen credit card files a police report, the investigation will lead back to the package forwarding employee and may result in arrest and criminal prosecution.

If you have recently accepted employment as a “package forwarder,” call Palmdale Station immediately and speak to a detective to find out what you should do. If you are offered such a job, DO NOT TAKE IT.

Anyone with information on this internet scam is encouraged to contact Detective Julia Vezina of the Palmdale station at 661-272-2419.

  2 comments for “Beware of ‘package forwarder’ jobs

  1. NRA member
    April 27, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    Someone gotta be really dumb to accept this “job”..

  2. lulu belle
    April 27, 2013 at 8:12 am

    If it sounds too good, too easy, fast money, and lots of pay it’s a scam!!!

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