How Small Businesses Are Raking In Huge Profits with Pinterest

pinterestPinterest is an absolute MUST for small businesses. Pinterest is like a “virtual scrapbooking site” that has had explosive growth. By the end of 2012, the site had 12 Million unique visitors a month.

Here’s the kicker…

Pinterest generates more referral traffic back to small business websites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. So it becomes more apparent that Pinterest for small business is a must.

If you’re new to the whole thing, here are some important Pinterest terms:

  1. Pin – An image added to Pinterest. The image can be from a link, site, or uploaded image.  It can also include captions.
  2. Repin – Once something is “pinned” it can be repined by other Pinterest users.
  3. Board – This is where your pins will appear. You have the option of having separate boards for various subjects.

The power of Pinterest for business gives the opportunity for small businesses to share their unique story through pins of products, boards and other creative ideas that directly relate to your ideal customers. When you pin images that are likeable and products that are sharable, people will re-pin and share your information with their circle of influence.

Here are some interesting facts about Pinterest Demographic Data from ComScore:

  • 30% of Pinterest users are 25-34 year olds.
  • 80% of Pinterest users are female
  • 60% of Pinterest members earned a college degree while only 25% of Pinterest users have earned a Bachelors Degree or higher

The majority live off a household income of $25-$75K

The bottom line is Pinterest is starting to deliver significant results for some small businesses. You have to think about it like this…Sure, posting pictures that people will comment on or like may seem obvious.

But don’t miss the BIG picture!

The source of the pin remains as a hyperlink on the photo itself, so when people click on it, they come directly to your site.

Here are 3 brands that are rocking it with Pinterest for Marketing:

  1. Better Homes and Gardens

BHG has over 351,000 followers on Pinterest. They have some of the best examples of a lifestyle brand doing great things. They have a great mix of pinboards related to DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, recipes, entertainment and decorations.

2. Whole Foods

Whole Foods has over 118,000 followers. They are a brand very active in social media. They have interesting pinboards related to food, recycling, green living, holidays, cool kitchens and food art. Their strategy is to use diverse content to promote and reinforce the brand’s promise.

3. Michael’s Stores

Michaels’ has over 175,000 followers. They have a variety of pinboards for different audiences. They also have a specific pinboard to share projects from the brand’s followers. One greater thing about their marketing strategy is that viewers can see images from craft classes and events.

You can do it too!

Here are “3 Tips for Using Pinterest to Promote Your Business”

Pinterest Tip #1: Create eye-catching and pin-worthy content. Pinterest is a visual based tool you can use to share your brand, your personality and your view of the world. It’s also a great place to build relationships with potential customers. So think about creative images of food, projects, travel destinations, and inspirational quotes.  Be sure to mix personal content while marketing your business.

*Word of advice* – Be sure to ask permission or make sure the image is royalty free if you want to use an image from other sources.

Pinterest Tip #2: Optimize your website for pinning. Install a “pin it” icon as a widget on your website. It should be available on every page. This will let anyone on your site repin any image on your site they might like. The key here is to make sure the pins are “pinnable”.

Pinterest Tip #3: Start pinning! Don’t just promote your products or services. Focus on being creative and genuine with your pins and pinboards. You can share inspiration for your business, your favorite foods, or pictures of Celebrities doing something related to your small business. Be creative. Not boring.

So get out there! Start using Pinterest a few hours per week or hire some outside help to maintain your boards. When you are consistent in your Pinterest marketing strategy, success will follow.

About the Author

Kate RedwinePalmdale resident Kate Redwine, MPA. BBA. is a Client Attraction coach that teaches small business owners how to get more customers and make more money while making a difference. Kate is a #1 best-selling author of Law of Attraction Marketing: How to Attract All the Clients You Want. Kate was recently dubbed, “One of the Top 100 Mompreneur Bloggers to follow in 2013 by award winning author Matthew Toren of To hear Kate’s FREE 30 minute client attraction MP3, go to or call our FREE 24 hour recorded message line at (661) 724-6480.