Get on YouTube! 7 ideas that really work

market youtubeYouTube is the world’s 2nd largest social networking site. In the world of online marketing, size is synonymous to reach. And this makes YouTube one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet today. It is engaging, entertaining, and wide enough for people to explore multiple interests. If you are a small business owner who wants to reach your target market, it is the best place to launch a marketing campaign driven by creative and informative videos. YouTube for small business works because it is a practical site to use and optimize.

Here are 7 Ways to Maximize YouTube for Your Small Business:

1. Create and Customize Your Channel

Be sure to customize your YouTube channel with your company’s branding and colors. Add relevant information about your products/services, as well as links to your website. You can also customize your playlists to provide easier navigation for your viewers.

2. Presentation

Whether you’re a service based business or retailer, people love to know “how to” do something. Your video can be for a product demonstration or just you talking about sharing information. Your video presentations are so important. This is your opportunity to focus on benefits. It should answer your prospect’s question of, “What’s in it for me?” It should clearly show “how” you are solving a problem and helping with a challenge.

3. Produce Your Videos Well

YouTube is all about great videos. As important as your content is, you also need to be sure of how you produce the video. Shaky video recordings with very bad audio can easily discourage viewers. First impressions do last so if you want to build a respectable YouTube channel for your business, make each video count in quality and content. With cheap HD video cameras and easy-to-use video editing software available today… it is very easy and cost efficient to make high quality video. Why not make the extra effort to make impressive videos all the time? It will surely pay off sooner or later.

4. Video Training

Online video is a cost-effective tool for in-class training. You can create e-courses as a training tool for employees or as information products for clients. This is an easy-to-use business model.

5. Video Content Marketing – Content is King always!

How-to videos are viewed over 35 million times. That is practically 35 million chances of showing what you have to offer to potential customers. If you get to the right person at the right time then you can seal the deal then and there. YouTube is a good place to let people know what you have to offer. It is the best place to showcase products, services, skills, and specializations that can directly solve some other people’s needs.

A great way to use video content marketing in your business is to create short videos(2-3 minutes long). You can use this method as advice content to diversify the information on your blog or website. A lot of marketers actually use this in their “attraction marketing strategy”. Focus on serving and not selling. Educate your audience and help them with their “pain points”.

6. Video Customer Testimonials

A compelling video marketing strategy is incomplete without a Video Customer Testimonial. Your customer testimony will act as a sales person for your products or services. They’re usually 30-60 seconds long and can be a huge factor in getting new business. People want to see proof.

7. Never Forget to Optimize Your Video for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 One of the fastest ways to get more people to your videos (and possibly on the first page of Google) is to optimize your videos for the Search Engines.

Have you ever typed something into Google and a video shows up? Well, that could be you if you optimize your video right.

Here are several ways to optimize your YouTube videos for more views and rankings:

Choose your Title wisely – Make sure you actually research other titles related to your video subject. Use some of the keywords they have if the video has a lot of views.

Summary in Video description – Put a video summary in the description box after your website link first. Place more video keywords in your description. Also put your social media links in the description as well.

Use Tags – Be sure to use keyword related tags for your videos so it can show up in the searches.

Use an eye-catching Video Thumbnail – A thumbnail is that “still” picture you see before you watch a video. Make sure it’s eye-catchy and appealing!

When you do your tagging right you can be sure to reach more people With the right title, the right tags, and the best thumbnail you can attract the right viewers all the time. Your video can have a great impact. Now it’s time for you to work on your strategy!

About the Author

Kate RedwinePalmdale resident Kate Redwine, MPA. BBA. is a Client Attraction coach that teaches small business owners how to get more customers and make more money while making a difference. Kate is a #1 best-selling author of Law of Attraction Marketing: How to Attract All the Clients You Want. Kate was recently dubbed, “One of the Top 100 Mompreneur Bloggers to follow in 2013 by award winning author Matthew Toren of To hear Kate’s FREE 30 minute client attraction MP3, go to or call our FREE 24 hour recorded message line at (661) 724-6480.