Two arrested in three location robbery warrant

operationPALMDALE – Personnel from Safe Streets Bureau with assistance from the COPS Bureau and both Palmdale and Lancaster Stations served three search and arrest warrants in Palmdale on Thursday (March 28).

The warrants were authored in connection with a robbery on March 4 in the 2000 block of Sundance Court in Palmdale. The search led to the arrest of two alleged gang members, one for the robbery and a second for felony warrants.

At one of the search warrant locations, in the 2500 block of Paxton Avenue, the primary suspect was not at home. At the location, a sawed-off shotgun was recovered and it was believed to be one of the weapons used when committing the robbery. The shotgun was loaded with the hammer cocked and ready to fire when discovered.

Safe Streets Sergeant Victor Hess said the shotgun was “an accident waiting to happen, especially when you consider several young children were present at the home.”

Information was attained leading to the whereabouts of 20-year-old suspect Dustin McCartin. He is expected to be in custody by the end of the day, authorities said.

Inside the home, evidence of heroin use was found, and the house was described as in complete disarray.

Sergeant Hess said there were “dog feces in dresser drawers, trash piled inside and outside cabinets, and most of the interior doors were kicked in or broken.”

While deputies were conducting the search, a district truant officer arrived and said that one of the children in the home had not been to school in quite some time. Because of the living conditions and obvious drug use, members of the Los Angeles County Multi-Agency Response Team (MART) responded to the location and removed the minors from the home. Personnel from the City of Palmdale’s Building and Safety Department also cited the residents and the owners for code violations involving the condition of the home.

Unrelated to the search warrant, but also arrested from the location was 22-year-old Ernesto Corona. Corona had a felony warrant involving the sales of marijuana or concentrated cannabis.

Local residents said the home has been an issue for the neighborhood for quite some time, with foot and vehicle traffic and people hanging out in the garage.

Antelope Valley Crime Fighting Initiatives (AVCFI) coordinator, Lieutenant Larry Gregg, said the home was obviously an issue “in an otherwise mostly pristine neighborhood.”

At a second location involving the search warrant, 20-year-old Rico Sampson was arrested for his involvement in the robbery. At the location, in the 39300 block of Jacob Drive in Palmdale, gang paraphernalia, such as specific hats and writing alluding to Sampson’s gang ties were also recovered.

No evidence was recovered from the third location in the 38000 block of Sunnyvale Street. The location was the home of 20-year-old Tyler Adams, who had already been arrested for the robbery and a parole hold.

(Information via press release from the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.)

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