Palmdale Water District contest winners

PWD contest winners

2013 Educational School Contest Winners and the Board of Directors of the Palmdale Water District.

PALMDALE – At its regular Board meeting on Tuesday (March 27), the Palmdale Water District awarded the winners of its 2013 Water Awareness School Education contests. The winners of the coloring contest, grades kindergarten-third grades, were all present to receive their awards.

The fourth and sixth grade students worked very hard coming up with their favorite water wise plants and writing essay about the plants, officials said. Winning students received gift cards and cupcakes.

And the winners are…


  • 1st Place: Alexander Fuentes, Tumbleweed/Ms. Martinez’s class
  • 2nd Place: Christian Alas, Tumbleweed/Ms. Martinez’s class
  • 3rd Place: Romeo Garcia, Tumbleweed/Ms. Martinez’s class

First grade

  • 1st Place: Andy Orellana, Tumbleweed/Ms. Martinez’s class
  • 2nd Place: Ulaine Alvarado, Tumbleweed/Ms. Martinez’s class
  • 3rd Place: David Cortez, Tumbleweed/Ms. Martinez’s class

Second grade

  • 1st Place: Mercedes Terrones, Tumbleweed/Ms. Martinez’s class
  • 2nd Place: Odrienna Dyer, Tumbleweed/Ms. Kathleen’s class
  • 3rd Place: Valerie Cardenas, Tumbleweed/Ms. Kathleen’s class

Third grade

  • 1st Place: Samuel Barajas, Tumbleweed/Ms. Kathleen’s class
  • 2nd Place: Vanessa Albarron, Tumbleweed/Ms. Kathleen’s class
  • 3rd Place: Jessie Medina, Tumbleweed/Ms. Kathleen’s class

Fourth grade

  • 1st Place: Karla Ramos, Tumbleweed/Mrs. Lockwood’s class
  • 2nd Place: Bianca Gonzales, Buena Vista /Ms. Cervantes’s class
  • 3rd Place: Joseph Marquez, Buena Vista/Ms. Cervantes’s class

Sixth grade

  • 1st Place: Brianne Jacome, Joshua Hills/Mrs. McNairy’s class
  • 2nd Place: Kameron Wilson, Joshua Hills/Mrs. McNairy’s class
  • 3rd Place: Nelson Hernandez, Joshua Hills/Mrs. McNairy’s class

(Information via press release from the Palmdale Water District.)