Mayor reads to Gregg Anderson Academy students

Ledford Dr. Suess 1

PALMDALE – Last week, students all over the country celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss with Read Across America Week.

Gregg Anderson Academy was honored to welcome guest reader Mayor Jim Ledford in celebration of this special week of reading.  Ledford read several Dr. Seuss books to the students and discussed with them the importance of reading often and reading well.

“I have lots of books in my office,” Ledford said, when asked by a student how many books he had.  “I couldn’t do my job if I wasn’t a good reader.”

Ledford encouraged students to increase their imagination by choosing books over movies or television.

Ledford Dr. Suess 2“Reading is so important because it unlocks your imagination,” he said.  “You can watch a movie on TV, and that will entertain you, but it won’t entertain your imagination like a book will.  That’s when you really start to grow.”

Ledford also held a question and answer period in which he answered student questions ranging from what his office looked like to why it is so important to read books.

Ledford’s ultimate message to students was that reading and education are vital to living a happy life.  He told students getting their education would lead to finding a job they enjoy.

“If you love what you do, it’s not work. You like it,” Ledford advised. “When you get older you want to pretend like you’re playing when you work and when you love what you do, you’re actually playing and getting paid.”

“Westside was privileged to welcome Mayor Ledford to Gregg Anderson,” said Westside Union School District Superintendent Regina Rossall.  “We enjoy partnering with local officials to broaden the minds of our students and help them become more community-minded.  We also join Mayor Ledford in encouraging students to read often and read well so they can live happier lives and find a career they love.”