AVTA expands service to Pearblossom

Antelope Valley Transit Authority busLancaster – After extensive public outreach, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority is moving forward with a variety of service improvements aimed at increasing customer convenience.  On Tuesday, the AVTA Board of Directors approved all but one of the proposed service changes after a formal public hearing.

The service changes will go into effect on March 25, 2013.

Approximately 30 people turned out to speak at the public hearing, and many were opposed to a recommendation that would eliminate the northern portion of the Lake L.A. Express route along Avenue J in order to increase frequencies along the southern portion.

After much discussion, the board decided to table any proposed revisions to the Lake L.A. route at this time.

“It’s great to see the process work,” stated Executive Director Julie Austin.  “AVTA came forward with several proposals and one was not popular with residents. The board listened and decided to not to change the Lake L.A. Express.  The community’s input matters and I believe the board made that clear.”

The most notable service enhancement will be the addition of a new route to Pearblossom, known as Route 15.

“We are looking forward to extending our transit service to the easternmost portion of our district,” stated Board Chairman Norm Hickling. “This is very important to those residents in Pearblossom and the Southeast portion of the Antelope Valley who have requested enhanced public transportation availability to reach places of employment, grocery stores, and medical offices, etc. This new route will help in addressing those transportation needs for many in the community.”

Passengers can also look forward to an increase in the frequency of bus service on AVTA’s popular Route 1, a major artery connecting Lancaster and Palmdale.  Route 10 will be restructured to meet peak ridership demands and to increase the number of destinations it reaches. The Route 6, which provides service to Littlerock residents, has also been modified to meet ridership levels.

As for the commuter routes, another run will be added to the popular North County TRANSporter as ridership levels in the late afternoon have exceeded expectations.  All three commuter routes will also see changes to their time schedules to better meet ridership levels and to improve connectivity with Metrolink’s time schedules.

(Information via press release from the Antelope Valley Transit Authority.)

  2 comments for “AVTA expands service to Pearblossom

  1. Marina
    March 9, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    avta need lot improvment,i never ride bus up here,and be honest dont wonted,and not planning ride any busses going towards pearblossom,

  2. Michael Rives
    March 1, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    AVTA had a public hearing on a weekday morning at Lancaster city hall. There were 2 people from AVTA and five other people (two of whom worked at city hall). Afterwards, it was announced that the changes discussed would be effective 3/25. In other words, the decisions to make the changes were made prior to the hearings. Again, I say to AVTA, instead of large empty buses that run every 1/2 hour during rush hour and every hour thereafter or before, why not schuttle buses (like the DASH buses in LA) that run every 15 minutes? I would like to ride the bus around town, but I am not going to stand in the cold or the hot to wait for it.

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