Coaches vs. Cancer Classic earns $10K

Newton Chelette hit a blind free throw, earning $900 for the cause. (Courtesy AVC Marauder Athletics.)

Newton Chelette hit a blind free throw, earning $900 for the cause. (Courtesy AVC Marauder Athletics.)

LANCASTER – The Marauder Basketball’s annual Coaches vs. Cancer fundraiser this week, to benefit the American Cancer Society, saw not only both Marauder teams win, but also $10,819 for the cause.

Newton Chelette, AVC’s Interim Vice President of Student Services and Athletic Director, hit 24 free throws in the 60 seconds allotted.

The Marauder record breaking and Hall of Fame basketball coach garnered $347 per free throw in pledges for a total of $8,328 earned via free throws.

Additionally, nine individuals came forward and donated $100 each when Chelette was able to make a free throw blindfolded.


There was $1,200 pledged outside of the free throws. And, thanks to AVC’s Associated Student Organization, the night’s tickets receipts of $391 were also donated.

All together, the event raked in $10,819 for the American Cancer Society.


Anyone who pledged to the Newton Chelette free throw fundraiser or made a donation to the American Cancer Society for the fundraiser was placed in a pool for a chance to win a new Dodge Dart, courtesy of Hunter Dodge Jeep Ram. Marauder Athletic trainer Jerry Lewis’ attempt was too hard to the left.

Afterward, four other individuals were chosen at random for a chance to win prizes donated by Lemon Leaf Cafe, BEX Restaurant and Rancho Vista Golf Course.

Coaches vs cancer classic1COACHES FOR CANCER

The fundraiser is an annual event put on by Coaches vs. Cancer, which was founded by the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. Marauder Basketball has participated in these yearly events for the last five years, but this year the group stepped up its fundraising effort.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the American Cancer Society.

(Information via AVC Marauder Athletics. )