Hiker and dogs rescued from Mount Baden-Powell

A 30-year-old hiker, his Golden Retriever and his Chow mix were rescued from a remote area in the Angeles National Forest Sunday, thanks to Palmdale Sheriff’s Station and the Antelope Valley Search and Rescue Team. (LASD Photo)

ANTELOPE VALLEY – On Sunday (Dec. 30), Palmdale Sheriff’s Station received word that a 30-year-old Aliso Viejo resident and his two dogs (Golden Retriever and brown Chow mix) were stranded in the snow near the summit of Mount Baden-Powell in the Angeles National Forest.

The hiker had been walking with a partner when he and his two dogs slid off the trail down a 30-foot ice chute. The scared hiker and his dogs were stranded in a remote area until search and rescue could locate them.

Due to the fast response of Palmdale Sheriff’s deputies and the Antelope Valley Search and Rescue Team, the hiker and his dogs were found in good health within hours of the initial call.

At the time of the call, weather conditions were terrible. It was snowing and visibility was down to 50 yards, making it impossible to use the helicopter as a resource. However, teams from the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station worked in a systematic way until locating the missing hiker and his dogs. Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team members provided initial first aid treatment to the hiker.

The hiker was in good condition and was able to walk out of the remote area and make the trip down the mountain with the search and rescue team.

Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Commander John Johnston commented, “This is a perfect example of why it’s important to pay attention to weather predictions when planning a hike.”

The Antelope Valley Search and Rescue Team have been called upon to perform nine rescues so far this month. Although the team primarily searches for lost hikers, they are also called upon to assist with the search of lost children and adults suffering from diminished mental capacity disorders in urban environments, as well.

Los Angeles County has eight search and rescue teams who average over 350 rescue mission a year. This makes Los Angeles County one of the most active counties for search and rescue operations in the nation. More than 100 search and rescue team members are Reserve Deputy Sheriffs who give their time and risk their lives at a moment’s notice – for one dollar a year.

The Antelope Valley Search and Rescue Team is a non-profit organization under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. All team members are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) or paramedics and are highly trained in mountaineering, survival skills and search and rescue techniques. Team members have agreed to respond on an as-needed basis, 24/7, to perform rescue operations in the mountainous regions of Los Angeles County.

For more information on becoming a member, visit www.avsearchandrescue.com or www.palmdalevolunteers.com.

(Information via press release from the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.)

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