Local Toastmaster releases life purpose book

ANTELOPE VALLEY – Debuting just in time for New Year’s resolutions, Antelope Valley Toastmaster Leona Byrne has released a book titled Through the Eyes of the Soul.

The book aims to inspire readers to develop an awareness of their loving self through poetry. Reflective questions follow each poem to give the reader the opportunity to develop and practice the spiritual concepts in each poem.

“We are all affected by thoughts spoken or silent.  If we knew the effects, would we change?  This is the awareness that can alter our perceptions,” writes Leona Byrne.


Leona Byrne is a poet, speaker and entrepreneur, a retired Vice President of a major bank and co-founder of two businesses. To quench her thirst for knowledge Leona went back to school in her 50s and received her degree in Management. This spurred her on to achieve her Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology at the age of 60.

As a teenager, Leona saw the power of Peace and Love as the answer to the world’s ills. Her quest then became the pursuit of Peace and Love, even when people in her life told her she was not a realist.

Leona is the immediate past Area A-3 Toastmasters Governor and a member of four local Antelope Valley clubs. She speaks on such topics as domestic abuse and peace in today’s world.

Through the Eyes of the Soul can be ordered from Amazon or from the book’s website at http://throughtheeyesofthesoul.com.