Local schools, City Council taking part in Bullying Prevention Month

LANCASTER – During the Oct. 23 City Council meeting, the Council declared November an anti-bullying month (known as Bullying Prevention Month: Embracing Humanity).

As part of Bullying Prevention Month: Embracing Humanity, the Lancaster Tapestry Commission is inviting the public to attend the November 13 Council meeting, where local school districts will sign the Not in Our Town (NIOT) anti-bullying proclamation.

“The Tapestry Commission’s mission is to assist our community in celebrating our uniqueness; embracing common viewpoints; and creating opportunities to flourish,” said Commission Chair Sue Dell. “Thus, we are very proud to partner with local schools that have been proactive in addressing this issue and that have planned bullying prevention activities for November.”

Bullying Prevention Month: Embracing Humanity events include:


Tierra Bonita is hosting the “This is OUR Town: Creating Safer Schools Bullying 101” on Saturday, November 10, from 8:30 a.m.— 1:30 p.m. at Tierra Bonita Elementary School. The event is free with advanced reservations and open to educators, parents, and community members who work with diverse youth. The ending panel discussion will be moderated by Leo Stallworth of ABC.


Week long anti-bullying campaigns with classroom door competitions and student presentations/assemblies; all focusing on school-wide awareness of anti-bullying.

School clubs to work with students in small group settings to help identify the different types of bullying (including the dangers of cyber-bullying) and how students can report it.


A Week of Action will be held November 12– 16. Each school will have age appropriate activities for the students highlighting the themes:

  • Day of Darkness
  • Day of Silence
  • Day of Light

Not In Our School Program (on-going):

  • Each school in the district will have a team to design NIOS/NIOT activities for their campus.
  • Every school will have student ambassadors and an advisor.
  • This year the program is expanded to include grades 4 through 8.


On an on-going basis, school site administrators will discuss bullying and appropriate behavior in classrooms as well as in various student assemblies and plan the following activities for this year:

  • Several schools are participating in the anti-bullying program provided by Jeremiah Project 51, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating bullying one school at a time.
  • School psychologists are presenting individual classroom and assembly-type programs designed to educate students about bullying. New Vista Middle School has teachers presenting grade level appropriate concepts in class, and the entire school is participating in a 3-day bullying awareness program put together by their school psychologist.
  • Piute Middle School leadership students study anti-bullying strategies and then visit elementary school sites where they demonstrate the strategies (through skits) to the younger students and then work with them in small groups to teach the skills. They work with one class at a time for an hour each, rotating through different classes throughout the day.

Visit the city of Lancaster’s website here for the current list of Bullying Prevention Month: Embracing Humanity activities in the Antelope Valley.