‘OK’ Sign and Disaster Drill set for Saturday

LANCASTER – The Antelope Valley Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), this Saturday, will be distributing a “lifesaving tool” within a Neighborhood Watch area of approximately 600 homes in Lancaster.

The event will take place from 9 to 11 a.m., Saturday 29, in the Shadowcrest Neighborhood Watch area bounded by Lancaster Boulevard, 25th Street West, Ave J, and 30th Street West.

The lifesaving toll is a bright yellow laminated sign that reads OK on one side and provides instructions for steps to follow in an emergency on the reverse side.

Following a disaster-type event, homeowners will check to make sure everyone in their household is safe or “OK,” and then place the sign in a location visible from the street.

This alerts first responders that the immediate needs of that household are in an “OK” status, and responders do not lose precious minutes reaching someone who may be trapped or severely injured, which could create unnecessary casualties.

Effectiveness of the OK sign will be tested October 13, when the city of Lancaster frequests households to place the cards in a window or location visible from the street.

AV CERT volunteers will check the participation by counting the displayed signs.

In conjunction with this distribution of OK signs and additional preparedness literature, AV CERT will also be conducting an internal communications drill.

CERT participants within the neighborhoods will communicate by Family Radio Service (FRS) radios to an amateur radio operator.   Communications will be transmitted forward to the CERT Command Center, City of Lancaster and DCS amateur radio operators with the LA County Sheriff’s Department in Lancaster.

If you are CERT trained or would like information on CERT training, please see www.antelopevalleycert.com for information.  If you have questions regarding this exercise, email Steve or Michele Webb at lancastercert@gmail.com.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department, LA County Fire Department, and City of Lancaster is also taking part in the initiative.