Lancaster wins International Energy Globe Award

Council member Ken Mann (second from left) represented the city of Lancaster at the ceremony in Vienna, Austria.

LANCASTER  – On September 13,  14 countries were represented at the World Energy Globe Awards 2012 in Vienna Austria.

Award categories included Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth.

The City of Lancaster competed in the “Fire” category, which represents energy and calls for projects that achieve optimized efficiency and sustainability from renewable energy resources, which do not harm the environment.

Three finalists were selected in each category. Competing directly with revolutionary software developed in the Netherlands, and electricity pockets engineered to transform Israel’s Palestinian communities, the City of Lancaster took first place in the “Fire” category for utilizing public-private partnerships, which create and expand new energy resources throughout the Antelope Valley and beyond.

The award for this accomplishment included $10,000 and a beautiful bronze trophy.

“The City of Lancaster has laid a strong foundation for self-sufficient, renewable, clean energy resources which are unique at the mid-sized community scale,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.  “The many efficiencies of renewable energy as well as the monetary and environmental savings which come along with it are not only accessible to the government and larger entities; citizens in our community can now afford to take advantage of these benefits as well.”

The “Home of the Future” and the Solar Lancaster Program are the two significant accomplishments which ultimately helped the city garner the International Energy Globe Award, sponsored by Energy Globe founder Wolfgang Neumann.

In addition to coming in first in the “Fire” category, Lancaster came in third worldwide for its initiatives in alternative energy.

“This is quite the accomplishment, especially given the depth of purpose and commitment demonstrated by so many innovative leaders striving to make a substantial impact in their communities around the world,” said Lancaster Councilman Ken Mann, who attended as the City’s award recipient and representative.  “It was truly an honor to be in the company of so many progressive minds and hearts dedicated to making a difference.”

To view a summary of Lancaster’s winning projects, visit the World Energy Globe website.

To learn more regarding the City of Lancaster’s numerous accomplishments in the renewable energy sector, visit the City of Lancaster’s Alternative Energy web page at

(Information via press release from the city of Lancaster.)

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  1. QHR
    September 26, 2012 at 6:00 am

    This is great news – Congrats Lancaster!! I hope all these energy initiatives will bring more jobs to Lancaster.

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