Staff Sgt. Allan K. Walker Memorial updated

The updated Memorial is on display at Lancaster City Hall.

LANCASTER – The Marine Corps League, Detachment #930, has completed the annual updates and enhancements to the Staff Sergeant Allan K. Walker Memorial Trophy.

The Memorial now includes the names and photographs of 29 military personnel from the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas.

In honor of each soldier, marine, seaman, and airman who gave their life in service to their Country, the Memorial Trophy includes a full color photograph, branch of service, date and cause of death, and major theater of combat operations served in.

Most recently, Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress was added to the memorial for his heroic efforts during the Colorado movie theater massacre. The former Lake Los Angeles resident threw himself in front of a friend, giving his life to save hers.

Staff Sergeant Childress joins the ranks of service men and woman who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and put service before self so that others may live.

The Memorial Trophy lists each service member by the year they were added.

The list includes:

2003 – Sergeant Troy David Jenkins,

2004 – Lance Corporal William J. Wiscowiche,

2004 – Staff Sergeant Allan K. Walker,

2004 – Staff Sergeant Marvin R. Sprayberry III,

2004 – Sergeant Armando Hernandez,

2004 – Private First Class Fernando B. Hannon,

2004 – Corporal Ian W. Stewart,

2005 – Sergeant James. F. “Fred” Hayes,

2006 – Corporal Christopher D. Leon,

2006 – Corporal Ryan J. Clark,

2006 – Specialist Jeffrey G. Roberson,

2007 – Sergeant John E. Allen,

2007 – Private First Class Walter Freeman Jr.,

2007 – Petty Officer First Class Steven Phillip Daugherty,

2007 – Sergeant Travon T. Johnson,

2007 – Lance Corporal Timothy A. Lovett;

2008 – Sergeant James K. Healy,

2008 – Private First Class George Delgado,

2009 – Airman First Class Jacob I. Ramsey,

2009 – Lance Corporal Ray A. Spencer II,

2009 – Major Jason E. George,

2009 – Lance Corporal Javier Olvera,

2010 – Sergeant Brian J. Pedro,

2010 – Lance Corporal Joseph C. Lopez,

2010 – Specialist Matthew W. Ramsey,

2011 – Sergeant Ken Hermogino,

2011 – Staff Sergeant Keith F. Rudd,

2012 – Specialist Edward J. Acosta, and

2012 – Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress.

The City of Lancaster and the Marine Corps League Detachment #930 invite residents, family members, and fellow service members to view the Memorial Trophy on display at Lancaster City Hall.

(Information via press release from the City of Lancaster.)