The BLVD’s Panache Salon unveils new façade

Lancaster councilmember Sandra Johnson and Panache owner Shirley Griffiths join salon employees in front of the newly renovated facade at 747 W. Lancaster Boulevard.

LANCASTER – The City of Lancaster joined independently-owned Panache Spa and Salon Thursday in unveiling the salon’s newly renovated facade. The improvements were made possible thanks to a grant from the city of Lancaster’s Downtown Commercial Property Improvement Program (CPIP). Panache, which has been in business for more than 24 years, was the final business to receive funding through the program.

“Our back patio had always been wonderful with the water fountain and rose garden, but the front of Panache was very dated and plain,” said owner Shirley Griffiths. “The minute the façade improvement program was launched, we wanted to be a part of it.”

Grant funding providing by the city was used to enclose the front, change the signage, and make several other improvements to the facade.

Panache received $40,000 in grant funding through the CPIP, which was funded by the former Lancaster Redevelopment Agency. Panache was required to contribute matching funds on a 1:1 basis, bringing the total investment to over $80,000.

Griffiths said she used the money to improve the look of her store front.  This included raising the height of the front of the building, adding new signage and enclosing the front. She also improved the back patio so that it matches the improvements made to the front.

“We were able to do a total facelift, front and back, which is amazing because it changes our whole look and it has been a wonderful addition to our business,” Griffiths said.

Griffiths said the improvements took less than two months to complete, and the salon is now attracting many new clients.

“Our door opens daily with new clients wanting to see who we are and what we have to offer,” Griffiths said, “One of our regular clients commented that ‘now the front tells the story of what’s inside.’”

Thursday afternoon, city officials gathered at Panache to celebrate the unveiling of the new façade.

“They’re a great example of what you can make happen when you truly have passion and commitment, and they’re proving that every day,” said Lancaster councilmember Sandra Johnson. “This place is amazing, it’s very successful and it’s giving a positive energy to our BLVD.”

Panache opened on Lancaster Boulevard in 1988, beginning with just three stylists in this small area at the rear of their existing facility.

Panache opened on Lancaster Boulevard in 1988, beginning with just three stylists in a small area at the rear of their existing facility.

“You could only find us if somebody gave you directions,” Griffiths said.

In 2009, Griffiths and her husband, Brian, purchased the building, and Panache expanded into a full-service salon with 21 employees providing haircuts and styling, nail care, facials, massages and skin care.

“Panache has grown tremendously in recent years, and has fast become a pillar of The BLVD,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “We are proud to partner with owner Shirley Griffiths to continue building and strengthening our downtown. With the completion of Panache’s new façade, this central block of The BLVD looks more magnificent than ever before.”

Lancaster’s Downtown Commercial Property Improvement Program has provided a total of $380,000 in grant funding to 11 downtown businesses. Through the matching requirement, participants contributed over $410,000 in additional private funding, bringing the total invested in the downtown area through the program to over $790,000.

“This is another stellar example of what we can achieve when the public sector and the private sector partner to build our community,” Parris said. “This program has pumped nearly $800,000 into our downtown area, providing funding to small, locally-owned businesses that continue to be the heartbeat of the American economy.”

Panache is located at 747 W. Lancaster Boulevard. For more information, visit

View video footage of the new façade below.