Palmdale mayor receives pacemaker, recovery continues

Ledford spoke at the grand opening celebration for the Palmdale Aerospace Academy on Aug. 10.

PALMDALE – Diet and exercise have been key components in the recovery of Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford who suffered a heart attack in late May.

Ledford received another boost in that recovery Sunday.

“I’m now the owner of a brand new pacemaker,” Ledford said. “Dr. Donna Gallik who practices at Cedar Sinai, came to Palmdale Regional Medical Center yesterday (Aug. 19) and performed the procedure. She did an amazing job and I was good to go in just a few hours.”

On Thursday, Ledford had experienced some dehydration and dizziness which was believed to have been caused by his medication.

Information gathered from a defibrillator that he had been wearing, indicated that his heart rate had slowed down during the time he was experiencing the dizziness.

“The pacemaker resolves that issue for me,” he stated.  “I can now continue my recovery and return to doing the things I love to do.”

Ledford expressed his thanks and admiration to the emergency first responders who tended to him and medical staff at Palmdale Regional Medical Center for their care and professionalism.

“We really are fortunate to have this high level of medical care available here in Palmdale,” he said. “This is state of the art and I am extremely thankful for this kind of quality care.”

“Again, I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and support for our family,” Ledford added. “The outpouring of support and kindness has been humbling and overwhelming.  We are most fortunate to live in such an amazing community.”

Ledford said he plans to attend the City’s 50th Birthday Celebration on Friday, Aug.  24 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Poncitlán Square.

“That is, if my doctor and my wife give me the green light,” Ledford chuckled.

(Information via press release from the City of Palmdale.)

  3 comments for “Palmdale mayor receives pacemaker, recovery continues

  1. lucas
    August 21, 2012 at 8:18 am

    We’ll keep praying for you Mr. Ledford to get well. Don’t give up Doctors at Cedars-Sinai are good since Doctor S. Goodman put a pacemaker on me on 2005 I been doing well and no problems whatsoever. And I know you are going to be well too.

  2. August 20, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    Continued prayers and support for your recovery, Mayor Ledford. We are indeed blessed by the presence of the new Palmdale Regional Medical Center and their professional staff. Easy does it, Jim. . . and if you *can* make it to the 50th Anniversary Party for the founding of the City of Palmdale, great! If not, we understand. I know the first Mayor of Palmdale, Larry Chimbole, plans to attend, so the event will have mayoral support from one person or another. Please get well and take care of yourself.

  3. Sherrill
    August 20, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    I hope you feel up to coming to the BIG reunion . Maybe for just a minute so we can all clap and tell you how much we love you and you could introduce Rattlesnakes and Eggs ? Please get well Jim !!!!

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