Help Palmdale locate the “Fifty Grand Men”

Palmdale’s first City Council: Seated from left to right: Larry Chimbole and Dr. Les Nichols. Standing from left to right: Domenic Massari, Marlin Gilbreath and Dick Linaker.

PALMDALE – The City of Palmdale is seeking the public’s help to locate the City’s founders who will be honored at Palmdale’s 50th Birthday Celebration on Friday, Aug. 24 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Poncitlán Square.

Called the “Fifty Grand Men,” they were the original contributors of $100 each in order to fund the project that led to the City of Palmdale’s incorporation in 1962.

There were actually 56 contributors, but the name “Fifty Grand Men” was chosen because the contributors “like the sound” of the name.

“We’re putting out the call to the friends and family members of the ‘Fifty Grand Men’ to come out to the event on Aug. 24 and be a part of a great moment in Palmdale’s history,” said Palmdale’s Community Programs Supervisor Trish Jones. “If you are a family member or know family members of the ‘Fifty Grand Men,’ please get in touch with me so we can make arrangements for the ceremony.”

“Of the ‘Fifty Grand Men,’ only a few are still alive today,” Jones said. “Several of them and their families have moved out of the area, but still have relatives and contacts here. We want to honor them and the families of those who have passed on with a special presentation at the 50th Anniversary.”

The “Fifty Grand Men” are:

  • Hank Anthony
  • George Blair
  • Ernie Bowe
  • Jerry Chase
  • Larry Chimbole
  • Arnold Chimes
  • Clark and Howard
  • Andy Copeland
  • Paul Copeland
  • Eddie Debs
  • Lowell Felt
  • Earl Fleming
  • Robert Garnero
  • Dr. George
  • Marlin Gilbreath
  • George Goldman
  • Irv Goldman
  • John Gordon Jr.
  • Will Gorton
  • Carl Grother
  • Ralph Henderson
  • Don Hertel
  • Don Kahl
  • George Kartozian
  • Dick Kimbrough
  • Al Knearl
  • A.R. Knobloch
  • John Krauss
  • Floyd Lecher
  • Jerry Lertzman
  • Dick Linaker
  • Paul Long
  • Jack Manschel
  • Jimmy Marrone
  • Domenic Massari
  • Hal McKusick
  • Len Meyer
  • Bud Monroe
  • John Najarian
  • Harold Niles
  • Lamont Odett
  • Al Paulin
  • Bill Schafer
  • Sidney Sher
  • Jim Sloan
  • Frank Smith
  • Elmer Spicher
  • Bob St. Clair
  • Rodney Stillion
  • Gary Tillman
  • Allen Tomlinson
  • Travis Williams
  • Mason Whitehead
  • Bob Wolley
  • John Wolley
  • Howard Wynn

A special pinning ceremony will be held at the Poncitlán Square Gazebo at approximately 6:30 p.m. during the 50th Birthday Celebration on Aug 24.

The event will also feature live music with a circa 1962 theme, a classic car show, a showing of a new history of Palmdale video, kids’ activities, birthday treats and food vendors on site.  Residents are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on.

Family members or friends of the “Fifty Grand Men” are asked to contact Trish Jones at the City of Palmdale at or 661-267-5181.