Eat Up Catering comes to The BLVD!

(L to R) Councilman Ron Smith, Eat Up co-owner Christina Dierkson, Councilwoman Sandra Johnson, Miss Lancaster Tiffany Johnson.

LANCASTER – The City of Lancaster Thursday welcomed Eat Up Catering to The BLVD.

Established in 2009 by Christina Dierkson and Cassandra Hayes, the gourmet eatery and market has evolved from humble beginnings.

Dierkson and Hayes met while working as pastry chefs at a local restaurant. Within months, the duo decided to start a company. After two years of working day jobs and catering on the side, the pair secured a prime location on The BLVD to establish their new business.

“We’re just really excited about finally being able to accomplish our dreams,” said Dierkson. “If not for the love and support of family and friends, this never would have happened.”

Eat Up is located in the clock tower wing at the northwest corner of Ehrlich and The BLVD, across from the BeX and the new Museum of Art and History (MOAH).

Dierkson said Eat Up specializes in catering events of all sizes and types.

“What we want this to be is a comfy, cozy place for people to enjoy,” said Dierkson.

Designed to provide dining options not easily found in the Antelope Valley, Eat Up offers a rotating array of lunch specials, which feature everything from gourmet pastries to convenience meals, to fresh produce and fine cheeses. The eatery offers a variety of prepared cuisines and daily themes, which cater to specialty diets.

“We believe it is important to offer delicious fare for all types of nutritional preferences,” said Dierkson. “We have structured our offering to accommodate all tastes throughout the week.”

  • Tuesdays are gluten-free;
  • Wednesdays feature vegan fare;
  • Thursdays are for vegetarians; and
  • Full-fat Fridays feature rich, fattening, hearty meals.

Patrons are encouraged to keep an eye out weekend surprises.

To make the most of their retail space, Dierkson and Hayes opted out of building a kitchen and have been using the former Essex House kitchen to prepare their food. The business owners cater events of all sizes and types, including weddings, quinceaneras, movie and commercial sets, and more. There is also an onsite market, which offers hand-crafted tableware and platters.

Eat Up will hold its grand opening celebration on Saturday, June 23. The gourmet eatery and market will also be offering cooking classes.

“We want to get involved in educating people how to feed their kids more properly and how to make healthy food that is also tasty and delicious,” said Dierkson. “We’re also going to have things that are not necessary healthy either, because we want to have something for everyone.”

For Eat Up’s weekly menu, lunch delivery schedule, event hosting and catering options, visit To set up a consultation, contact Christina Dierkson at 661-565-4424 or visit the store at 701 W. Lancaster Boulevard.

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  1. Sam
    June 23, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Thank you for opening up in Lancaster! I hope new businesses continue to come out here. We need more variety. I am tired of going down below for variety.

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