Fireworks to go on sale in Palmdale June 28

PALMDALE – Forty-one nonprofit organizations have been approved to sell fireworks in Palmdale within the following dates and times:

  • 12 p.m. – 10 p.m., Thursday, June 28
  • 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., June 29 to July 4
  • 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., Thursday, July 5

The Palmdale City Council approved issuing permits for the 41organizations to sell fireworks at its June 6, 2012 meeting.  Only nonprofit organizations that have headquarters in Palmdale or have more than 50 percent of their membership residing in Palmdale and have a minimum of 20 members are eligible to apply for fireworks booths. Only one booth is allowed per organization.

The number of booths allowed is calculated at one booth per 3,000 residents. Based upon current population estimates, a maximum of 51 booths would be allowed to be established in the year 2012, of which 41 have been filled by qualifying nonprofit organizations.

Organizations’ booths must pass an inspection by the Los Angeles County Fire Department before the City’s Community Preservation Division  will issue the fireworks permit. Fireworks may be purchased by those who are age 18 and above in the City of Palmdale.  Proof of age may be requested for purchase.

The City of Palmdale is the only municipality in the Antelope Valley in which “Safe and Sane” fireworks may be legally sold and discharged on private property. However, the housing community Anaverde, all areas south of the California Aqueduct, and locations in the Rancho Vista area  are “no fireworks zones” and MAY NOT use any fireworks at all since they are in high risk fire areas.  

The “no fireworks zone” is generally described as the area within the City of Palmdale which lies along the following lines: beginning at the intersection of Rancho Vista Boulevard and 30th Street West, areas south and west of Rancho Vista Boulevard, north to Avenue N-8; south and west of Avenue N-8 from Rancho Vista Boulevard to 55th Street West; west of 55th Street West; and south from 55th Street West to 60th Street West (Godde Hill Road).

“We’ve developed an interactive map on our web site,, that allows residents to enter their address so they can see if they live in ‘no fireworks zone’ area where ‘Safe and Sane’ fireworks are NOT allowed,” said Palmdale’s Communications Manager John Mlynar. “Residents may also contact our Community Preservation office at 267-5234 or our Public Safety Department at 267-5181 and our staff will assist them.”

The City of Palmdale is urging residents to not use illegal fireworks, and administrative fines starting at $2,500 will be in effect.

“Safe and Sane” fireworks may be purchased at 41 booths throughout the City.  City officials are urging residents to use the fireworks under safe conditions.  Educational flyers are being distributed with each purchase of fireworks. For more information, please call 661-267-5181.

Approved Organizations:

  1. American Indian Little League – 39626 10th Street West
  2. American Legion Post #348 – 39445 10th Street West
  3. Antelope Valley Desert Divers, Inc. – 730 W. Rancho Vista Boulevard (Dunn Edwards parking lot)
  4. Antelope Valley Soccer Club Ambush – 37716 55th Street East (Domenic Massari Park)
  5. Antelope Valley Youth Athletics, Inc. – 4644 E. Avenue S
  6. Arch Rafael and St. Mina Coptic Church – 3505 E. Palmdale Boulevard (east of 35th Street East
  7. AV Blackhawks – 37950 47th Street East (at Avenue R)
  8. Crosswind Community Church – 41337 10th Street West
  9. Desert Pride, Inc. – 1233 W. Rancho Vista Boulevard (in front of 24 hr. Fitness)
  10. East Palmdale Foursquare Church – 5038 W. Avenue N (in front of Albertson’s)
  11. First Presbyterian Church / Horizon Community – 37218 47th Street East (in front of Stater Brothers)
  12. Highland HS Instrumental Music                – 2535 E. Avenue S
  13. Iglesia Emmanuel Antelope Valley – 2419 E. Avenue S
  14. Kids Charities of the Antelope Valley – East side of 10th Street West, south of Birdies, approximately 1,865 feet north of Avenue N
  15. Kiwanis Club of Palmdale – 440 E. Palmdale Boulevard
  16. Kiwanis Club of Palmdale West – 39940 10th Street West
  17. Littlerock HS Band Boosters – 38118 47th Street East (north of Avenue R)
  18. Littlerock Youth Football – 5510 E. Avenue T (Southwest corner of Avenue T and Fort Tejon)
  19. Marine Corp League – 3005 E. Palmdale Boulevard
  20. Ministerio Espiritu Santo y Fuego – Northeast corner of Avenue S and 40th Street East
  21. Oasis Christian Church of the AV – 856 W. Palmdale Boulevard
  22. Palmdale Band Boosters Club – 2137 E Avenue R (Palmdale High School parking lot on the north side of Avenue R)
  23. Palmdale Chamber of Commerce – 40130 10th Street West
  24. Palmdale Elks Lodge #2027 – 37959 47th Street East
  25. Palmdale High Football Boosters – 38310 20th Street East (H.S. parking lot on the west side of football stadium on 20th Street East)
  26. Palmdale High Swim Boosters – 1233 W. Rancho Vista Boulevard (Antelope Valley Mall parking lot between Carl’s Jr. and Pier 1 Imports)
  27. Palmdale Lions Club – 1215 E. Palmdale Boulevard
  28. Palmdale Little League – Northwest corner of 25th Street West and Rancho Vista Boulevard (overflow parking lot at Marie Kerr Park)
  29. Palmdale Repertory Theatre – 37140 47th Street East
  30. Palmdale Youth Football – 2534 E. Avenue S
  31. Quartz Hill High School Baseball Boosters – Southeast corner of Sierra Highway and Avenue S
  32. Raise Praise Ministries – 220 E. Palmdale Boulevard (next to Starbucks)
  33. St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Southwest corner of Avenue R and 10th Street East
  34. Sea Scout Ship 11 Committee – Southeast corner of Rancho Vista Boulevard and Towncenter Drive
  35. St. Stephen’s of the Valley Lutheran Church – 38727 Tierra Subidia Avenue
  36. Temple of Deliverance Ministries International – 2520 E. Palmdale Boulevard
  37. The Highlands Church – 39625 20th Street West
  38. United Pentecostal Church – 3027 W. Rancho Vista Boulevard (in front of Von’s)
  39. Veterans of Foreign Wars – South of Rancho Vista Boulevard, West side of Sierra Highway
  40. Victory Outreach – 2053 E. Palmdale Boulevard
  41. Word of Life Outreach Ministries – 5645 E. Avenue T

(Information via press release from the City of Palmdale.)

  8 comments for “Fireworks to go on sale in Palmdale June 28

  1. Jill Odice
    June 30, 2012 at 10:10 am

    does anybody know where the fireworks display will be in Palmdale for July 4 2012? I cannot find it listed anywhere online?

  2. Stinger
    June 12, 2012 at 7:00 am

    As usual, Ace makes silly comments that have questionable veracity.

    As a prime example of the self-enforced ignroance of Ace: For safety reasons, wire-based sparklers haven’t been sold in many years. IF Ace ever ACTUALLY went out and investigated ANYTHING, he would know that.

    Naturally, his accusations should be treated with extreme skepticism without reasonable argument on Ace’s behalf to support them.

  3. sacryinshame
    June 11, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    I’ve never lived any place before the AV that did not allow fireworks for kids. There is always going to be someone who breaks the rules.
    What ticks me off is to hear the LASD on the Time Warner News telling the public what the fines are for doing fireworks, and what the fines are if you are caught watching the fireworks that other people are doing.They tell you to report illegal fireworks for the safety of you neighborhood.
    2 problems with that:
    1. The police don’t come to stop it
    2. If by some slim chance they do come, they tell the people who it was that called on them.

  4. Adam Chant
    June 11, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    Totally think this is a bad idea at every level. Bring on the excuses as to why this is acceptable and I’ll give you multiple alternative solutions for small orgs to make money that doesn’t harm animals and start numerous fires.
    There should only be organized shows with vendor booths in each town and nothing else.

    • Stinger
      June 11, 2012 at 9:24 pm

      And what is your position on firearms control?

      • Adam Chant
        June 12, 2012 at 8:31 am

        This is not related to firearms control in any way. It doesn’t say in the constitution we have the right to light off explosives and burn down neighborhoods. At the same time that right to bear arms doesn’t afford people the right to fire them into the air in celebration either.
        More than once I have heard the only reason Palmdale still allows fireworks to be sold is because it’s the only means for fundraising for the majority of these nonprofit organizations.

        Well there was room for at least 40 more vendor booths at Thunder on the Lot, there is room for a couple hundred booths at the fairgrounds for the 4th of July celebration, there is room for hundreds of vendors during the AV Fair and room for vendors at the starlight concert series in Palmdale. There are dozens of events over the year in both Lancaster and Palmdale where these approved nonprofit organizations can be offered select positioning and free booths to offer swag for sale to produce the necessary revenues to operate annually.

        As for gun control, I support the right to keep and bare arms. Guns are for protection of life, hunting, and sport hunting. Not for celebrating a victory by discharging them recklessly for any reason.
        If someone wants to hear a loud bang try a zip lock bag full of air, or slap a pool noodle across wet concrete. If someone wants to see a bright flash then try a strobe light or Christmas lights.

        Want to simulate the magnesium flash effect? get a roll of bubble wrap, a small PA and a strobe light. Turn on the strobe light, put the mic on the ground with the bubble wrap and dance on the bubble wrap.
        It flashes, it crackles, it annoys the neighbors and it produces the exact same result. BUT with no change of injury or fire..

        Leave that to the professionals

        • Stinger
          June 12, 2012 at 10:45 am

          The two are poignantly related issues in the arguments for and against them, Adam.

          I understand your argument for the right to bear arms should not be infringed upon due to the actions of a few idiots that have misused them. Yet, you would ban the use of safe and sane fireworks for the very same reasons as the opposition argues for banning firearms – the actions of a few idiots that have misused them.

    • Letlow
      June 11, 2012 at 9:59 pm

      I totally agree! Loud fireworks terrify dogs.

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