Brandwashed is the featured book of the month for June

PALMDALE -The Palmdale City Library has selected Brandwashed: Tricks companies use to manipulate our minds and persuade us to buy by Martin Lidstrom as the Featured Book of the Month for June.

Brandwashed is a fascinating look at just how far advertisers and companies are going to win the hard earned dollars of consumers.  Among the tactics used are intentionally target children at an alarmingly young age, chemically adjusting products to make them addictive, and mining personal digital footprints to uncover every aspect of the lives of consumers and target accordingly.  This searing exposé introduces a new class of tricks, techniques and seductions and shows why they are more pervasive than ever.  It is an eye-opening look at just what targets consumers have become and it may make people think twice before making their next purchase.

Recipient of TIME Magazine’s “World 100 Most Influential People” in 2009, author, speaker, advisor, and master brand builder, Lindstrom has carved out an entirely unique nice as a global expert in the related fields of consumerism, marketing, brands, and of late, neuro-scientific research. Brandwashed is available for check out from the Palmdale City Library.

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