Thousands come out for high-octane fun

LANCASTER – Thousands from across California converged on the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds Sunday for one of the largest car and bike events in the state.

Day two of the 18th Annual Thunder on the Lot kicked off around 10 a.m.

The event featured hundreds of the custom and classic cars — everything from a Camaros to Rolls-Royces. There was also a drifting exhibition, a low rider car show, and the ever popular mug bogging.

Garcia spent about $3K to fix up his '62 Schwinn.

Tony Aranda drove up from San Fernando Valley with 45 fellow bikers to attend the event.

“We’ve been coming to this for the last three or four years,” Aranda said. “It’s something to do to get out the [San Fernando] Valley.”

Sixteen-year-old Angel Garcia from the Pachuco Bike Club came out to showcase his custom bike.

“It’s actually a ’62 Schwinn,” Garcia said. “I welded a piece of plate right between the frame… I got out my bike airbrush and put a bunch of dice on it, and I made little dice to cover all the bolts.”

Garcia said the project cost him about $3,000 and said it was money well spent.

Lancaster residents Pablo and Lourdes came out specifically for the car show.

“I love seeing all the custom cars, all the classic cars, all the rearranged cars, all the old school cars,” Pablo said. “If you enjoy cars then this is the place for you to come and take pictures and enjoy the festivities and the company of other people.”

Proceeds from the 18th Annual Thunder on the Lot went to benefit  Kids Charities of the Antelope Valley.

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