AVTA adds direct service to Cal State Northridge

Lancaster – Direct bus service to the California State University Northridge (CSUN) campus will soon be available to Antelope Valley students.

Starting June 18, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) plans to add a route stop at the newly built CSUN Transit Center.

Currently, AVTA’s Commuter Route 787 drops students about 1.5 blocks from the campus as there is no adequate access for AVTA’s 45-foot commuter coach.   This problem will be resolved when the CSUN Transit Center opens in mid-June.  The new stop will add approximately two-minutes of travel time for the remaining commuters riding Route 787.  As always commuter times and schedules may vary depending on traffic conditions.

“It’s always good news when we can improve service,” said AVTA Board Chair Norm Hickling is a news release. “I am especially pleased that our local students will find their transportation more convenient and I hope it encourages others to consider public transportation if they are heading to CSUN.”

The transit center will serve as a transportation hub for several transit agencies that operate in the region such as Metro and LADOT.  Metro is already making changes to its bus line schedule to include the transit center this summer.  As a result, students will be able to connect more conveniently to other bus lines in order to better meet their transportation needs.

The center’s construction is being funded through the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in partnership with CSUN.    Campus Facilities Planning Director Colin Donahue is hopeful the transit center will reduce vehicular traffic into the campus.

“If we can get more people to use transit, we won’t have to build more parking structures,” said Donahue in a news release.

The campus is built to accommodate 33,000 cars, but parking remains a challenge for students.

AVTA’s one-way fare to CSUN costs $7.10 using a TAP card.  The commuter route departs from Lancaster City Park and from the Palmdale Transportation Center.  Visit the AVTA website at www.avta.com for a complete time schedule.

(Information via press release from Antelope Valley Transit Authority.)