VIPs take practice run for Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix

The city held a practice run Wednesday for potential VIP sponsors for the 4th Annual Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix.

LANCASTER – The fourth annual Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix is still 106 days away. But that didn’t stop city officials and VIPs from getting behind the wheel Wednesday for practices races at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in preparation for the signature event.

A representative from Camacho Auto Sales took a practice run around the track at the AV Fairgrounds Wednesday.

“The VIPs are our sponsors and our partners that we have with the city, it’s anybody from Round Table Pizza to our signature sponsor Lancaster Honda,” said Ronda Perez, Parks, Recreation and Arts director. “It’s just an opportunity for them to come out, get a feel for the cart and get them really excited about what’s going to happen in September.”

From Friday, Sept. 14 to Sunday, Sept. 16 the Grand Prix roars into Lancaster for the fourth straight year. The race grows in popularity each year, and this year is no exception, Perez said.

“We’re bringing additional professional racers in [and] we’re going to have night racing again this year,” she said. “It’s a  three-day event, so it also is accompanied by a street festival, entertainment, stages, music, food, vendors… it’s gets bigger and better each year and we’re really excited about it.”

City officials said about 35,000 people attended the event last year. They’re expected an even bigger turnout this year.

“We expect about 40,000 if not more this year,” said Council Member Sandra Johnson, adding that hotels and restaurants will fill up during the Grand Prix weekend.

“It’s just going to bring economy overall to our community with this exciting event,” Johnson continued.

There is still time to partner with the city to become a sponsor of the 4th Annual Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix. Contact the Parks, Recreation and Arts Department at 661-723-6077 for details.

Perez said the city will be holding another practice run later this summer for any additional VIPs interested in helping to sponsor the event. For more information on the fourth annual Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix, visit

  11 comments for “VIPs take practice run for Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix

  1. Billy
    June 1, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Why give Smith slack? If it’s not true he got a mental health disability from the LASD, then he should just say so. If it is true then admit it and let the voters decidee. I believe character and ability are requisites for state office.

    • voice of truth
      June 1, 2012 at 3:20 pm

      Although the sheriff’s deputy union is endorsing Ron Smith, many deputies do not approve of it. Smith became a deputy when the LASD absorbed the LACo Marshall’s in 1994. Marshalls did not HAVE to go work a patrol station, unlike deputies do. Some chose to. Smith never worked patrol, yet never hesistates to ID himself as a former deputy, which doesn’t sit well with some deputies who actually went out to the streets. So yes, he was a deputy, but he only ever worked in a courtroom, a very controlled environment, and has tried to keep the story of his bolting from a courtroom when the $hit hit the fan, a secret. If he really took a BS mental health retirement, that also wouldn’t sit well with other cops.

  2. Craig
    May 31, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Give Smith some slack. The guy is a loser no matter how you look at it. And I would like to know more about how he retired from his job as a bailiff.

  3. TS
    May 30, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Ronda Perez needs to get a clue and not listen to the ones out to make a buck,, the general public “SHOULD NOT” have to pay a dime to come and view this event, and thats including the “PITS”,, Bob Green was BS’ed by SKUSA and Ronda needs to be aware. There are people in this valley that want to make this event a blast, but the city officials don’t want to hear from us.
    explan how 2 people ended up in the hospital,,,Ignorance all on SKUSA’s and the City’s part, because they didn’t want to listen, It’s all about the mighty buck

    • Adam Chant
      May 31, 2012 at 11:05 am

      I understand what you are saying and listened very attentively to the comments and suggestions I got from previous events I have attended. A number of business owners on the BLVD (including myself) have asked to be involved in the process that goes into the Streets Of Lancaster so hopefully past issues will be addressed.
      You are welcome to contact me directly if you have additional concerns and I will do my best to see they are presented.

      Some of the things I want to see addressed are:
      1. Better safety for V.I.P. races
      2. No charge for Pits, seating, etc.
      3. Better grandstand seating
      4. More vendor involvement (local business)
      5. Better access to BLVD businesses
      6. Remote parking for spectators
      7. Better video displays
      8. More local racing business sponsors
      9. Independent club level race
      10. Electric kart demo

  4. Adam Chant
    May 30, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    It’s a fun event, it brings outside revenues to the entire antelope valley and helps hundreds of local businesses. Local weekend kart racers are just as welcome to participate as any other kart racer. SKUSA is the sanctioning body putting on the event and did an good job with it last year. Many local racers were involved in the event last year and I would hope that those same individuals and companies we know so well will participate again this year.

    Having raced in many different amateur series over the years and owning a domestic sport compact car (Saturn) I understand what it is like to be alienated from competition. You don’t have this license, your vehicle doesn’t qualify for that class, you need to buy these tires, and the list goes on. The bottom line is that these factors are all put in place to establish a baseline of fairness in competition.

    Personally if I was local kart businesses I would be all over the co-sponsoring this event to promote said business in the local community. This SKUSA event gets 3 days a year for be in AV, but we have a kart track, racing and rentals available some 300 other days a year that is arguably more exciting and just as competitive. I’d also have them at ThunderOTL to promote the local track and charge $XX donation for 10 minutes on the track to go to children’s charities.

    Last month we had a BLAST at Willow Springs for Children’s Charities in part because I won every race I participated in, but really because it was VERY fast and VERY Safe. I know there are some issues with participating in SKUSA events for some, but that shouldn’t mean we should condemn the whole event and scene. Any time you can bring people together to participate in a sport as a spectator or participant it is good for the sport.

    • TS
      May 30, 2012 at 4:02 pm

      this is a SKUSA points event this year, thats how SKUSA is getting their drivers to come out,,,, and NO all karters are not invited to race, and for the local business its been tried,, When the city went from a non-profit to a profit organizer pretty much tells us what there after,,,, lining their own pockets,,, nothing was a problem with the non-profit kart club,,, don’t speak of what you don’t know,,, this is a rip off to the general public because SKUSA charges to get into the pit area.

  5. TS
    May 30, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    BS and a rip off to the weekend karters,,, lets keep blowing smoke up the peoples butts,,, another of stroking the lancaster of city officials ego’s, the won’t even use local karters or kart business’s for their us.

    • Scott Pelka
      May 31, 2012 at 1:12 pm

      35,000 Yea right… And if Rex partakes again he should be mandated to put a roll bar on His scooter. LOL

      • Adam Chant
        May 31, 2012 at 1:19 pm

        I think he said last year that it was his last time going.

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