League of Women Voters AV welcome Palmdale’s new City Manager

(L to R) League co-founder Patricia Shaw, Palmdale's new City Manager Dave Childs, and League co-founder Sandy Corrales-Eneix .

PALMDALE – Approximately 60 residents, merchants and elected officials welcomed new Palmdale City Manager Dave Childs recently during a reception hosted by the League of Women Voters Antelope Valley at the Larry Chimbole Cultural Center.

Childs spoke to the crowd, offering a brief biography of his career in planning and public administration since 1972.

He referenced past involvement in other League of Women Voters chapters, and spoke highly of the need for civility in public discourse, as he took a League membership application.

League co-founders Patricia Shaw and Sandy Corrales-Eneix explained that while the individual members are staunch Republicans and Democrats, as well as numerous decline to states, they come together under the banner of the League of Women Voters AV in a nonpartisan manner, working to engage the community and produce a more informed electorate.

Childs said, “If we can do it in Palmdale, why can’t they do it in Congress?”

For more photos, visit Facebook page of Sandy Corrales-Eneix or click here.

(Information via press release from the League of Women Voters Antelope Valley.)

  2 comments for “League of Women Voters AV welcome Palmdale’s new City Manager

  1. Yo Mama
    April 29, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    League o Lady Voters… So, are there tryouts, or what? How many games in a season? How many teams are in the league? Any uniforms? Can boys play? Ridiculous…

  2. sandy corrales
    April 26, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    People of all backgrounds and interests attended this reception to meet the new Palmdale City Manager. He was incredibly forthcoming and candid, listened to all of their concerns and questions. No one walked away without the opportunity to directly engage with this new city leader. The League of Women Voters AV thanked Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford and Councilman Tom Lackey–who were in attendance–for an obvious fine selection. Let us continue this dialogue in future events and meetings.

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