Residents wanted for Lancaster Station’s Community Advisory Committee

LANCASTER – Are you a resident or business owner in the Lancaster Station service area who is concerned about public safety in your community? If so, then you may want to add your name to the list of residents being considered for the Lancaster Station’s Community Advisory Committee, slated to be in place by next month.

To be eligible for the Advisory Committee, you must be at least 18 years old and live or own a business in Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Lake Los Angeles, Antelope Acres or any of the other unincorporated areas policed by the Lancaster Station.

You must also agree to attend the Sheriff’s Department’s Community Academy, an eight-week program that provides residents with insight into how the department does its job.

Lancaster Station Captain Bob Jonsen says he is looking to select at least one resident or business owner from each city or town within the jurisdiction of the Lancaster Station in order to have a comprehensive representation of the community.

He said the Community Advisory Committee will meet with him on a regular basis, bring concerns in their neighborhoods to his attention, and act as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Department and the community.

“I want people from the business community and from particular neighborhoods, especially the high crime areas, so I can communicate with them,” Jonsen said. “I can’t help you or your neighborhoods unless I really really know what the problem is.”

Jonsen estimates the Advisory Committee will have between 12 to 15 members, but he says the number is not set in stone, and he will select as many residents as needed to get a full representation of the community.

In you would like to be considered for the Lancaster Station’s Community Advisory Committee, contact Sgt. Theresa Dawson at 661-948-8466.

  10 comments for “Residents wanted for Lancaster Station’s Community Advisory Committee

  1. abdul majeed askia
    August 24, 2012 at 8:37 am

    It really takes an ideal person to speak the truth whether it is for or
    against rich or poor,the powerful or the weak, the famous or the down
    trodden. It takes courage, wisdom, objectivity, fairness and love for
    justice. In fact one has to be willing to face disfavor possibly on all
    sides. Law enforcement,we need it, but the best way to rise above it is
    self mastery, self discipline,self control,self leadership and the management of our own lives.I know we need law enforcement because there
    are alot of deranged people that do crazy things;however,I have also
    seen situations wherein those that we selected to up-hold the law show
    total disregards for the law. I was once incarcerated,in that experience
    I recognized that the majority of the prison guards were good people
    and operated in the realm of their duties;it was only a hand full that
    were reckless,brutal and irrational but it was those who gave the
    guards a bad name! It only takes afew to give the department a bad name;
    thus,it would take a courageous captain,sgt,or private to stand in the
    gap and speak the truth whether it is for or against his fellow officers!
    We appalaud the department when they are right and do a good job,but we
    also hope that those who are assigned to protect and to serve do in fact
    protect and serve and call to account the individual officers who abuse
    the public. Again, it is a tough job. It takes a bold and courageous
    person to stand in the line of fire and to be on call regardless of the
    task at hand.Excuse the language but it is ahell of a job and responsibility! It is mutually courages for the citizen to stand up and
    be a fair and just empire! Therefore,to all parties envolved do and be
    the best person you can be under the public speaker

  2. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 21, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Government of the people,for the people and by the people!Everybody counts.

  3. Stinger
    April 16, 2012 at 9:12 am

    I don’t believe for a New York second that Capt. Jonsen will be able to maintain complete control over the selections to this committee. Parris WILL stick his big nose into it and find a way to force the good Captain to only select those that Parris approves of.

    • AV'er
      April 16, 2012 at 1:43 pm

      Oh Diana, stop being sour grapes, you were on Rex’s team at one point, after, if I remember correctly,talking smack about him up until he gave you a job!

      • Passerby
        April 16, 2012 at 2:48 pm

        “stinger” is Jason Smith. “justice callout” is Diana.

        • Stinger
          April 16, 2012 at 4:57 pm

          Now I’m who? Geez, people – make up your minds.

  4. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 15, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Stop lok and listen.We are all invited to hear and learn of the science
    of reasoning,critical and objective thinking. Come and learn how to
    actually think outside of the box without following the same old script.

  5. HOzay
    April 13, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Yo papa mus have beeN bambed wen he name yu Ace, cuz yu am nothin but a JOKER.

  6. Abdul Majeed Askia
    April 13, 2012 at 9:32 am

    I understand the need for law enforcement and rules. Stop signs and
    red lights are there for our safety. As for police or officers they
    are people just like all the rest of us and they are selected from
    a pool of us (from the general public). However,since they are human
    beings they are prone to mistakes and bad judgment just like the
    rest of us.It is understood that oftentimes their jobs are stressful
    and very demanding. The fact is we need them. But again, I have always
    found it to be rather odd inspite of clear cut violations the majority
    of the times the ruling is always in favor of the officer even
    though we are all citizens, as if the officers aren’t prone to mistakes.

    I have the utmost repsect for law enforcement but there are certainly
    times when a officer or officers have exceeded the limits.Law
    enforcements role is to protect and serve he general public,it is not
    suppose to be us against them or vice versa. When we see an officer
    we are not suppose to be affraid or feel as though we are endanger.
    The idea is to feel safer and secure.I believe most officers up hold
    that end of the stick;however,there has been numerous times when that spirit has been violated.

    I know from observation it is a tough job and one has to make a lot of
    tough calls. No doubt about it. But again there are times when the
    public is right!I believe when our police commanders acknowledge
    that reality it will be a greater repect and honor of the department.

    It is a dangerous job and one has to be bold and daring to hold such
    a job. As they say somebodies got to do it.However, on any panel we
    must be able to speak without fear of being harmed or pursued because
    of our comments.In order to best serve the community we must be able
    to speak our minds without fear of reprisal.

    The only being that I know without flaw is God.On some level or another
    or at sometime or another we all fall short.All of us are prone to
    error.None of us should be professional fault finders or those that
    just simply want to stir up trouble. Nevertheless,law enforcement
    or those at the top must realize that sometimes those at the bottom
    or even the top make mistakes.

    to express ourselves openly without fear of reprisal.

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