Have you seen this man?

If you see Robert Gonzalez, contact Glenda at 512-413-0917.

UPDATED 3/23/12: Robert Gonzalez has been located, and he was found alive and well, according to daughter Glenda Gonzalez. Family members thanked all who have shown concern and have assisted in locating Robert Gonzalez.

PALMDALE – Family members are asking for the public’s helping in locating Robert Gonzalez. The 77-year-old Palmdale resident has been missing for several months, say family members.

“I haven’t heard from him in six months,” said daughter Glenda Gonzalez. “He had a lady who was supposedly taking care of him, and she had stopped returning my calls, and now when I call, all I get is voicemail, so I’m very concerned for his safety.”

Gonzales said she flew into town two days ago from Austin, Texas solely to look for her father. She said she visited his home at 1242 West Avenue O4 in Palmdale and was shocked to find out that the home had been sold.

“But when I looked online, it’s still saying that it’s registered to him,” Gonzalez said.

She said when she spoke with her father six months ago, there was no indication that her father was selling his home or leaving town. She says her father is in a wheelchair and has a host of health issues.

“He’s a diabetic, he has a heart condition, and he suffers from mental illness,” Gonzalez said. “I think he is with this woman [his caregiver] and I don’t know where she is and I don’t know why she is not returning my calls, I just want to know that he is okay.”

Gonzalez filed a Missing Persons report Thursday at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.

She said her father, Robert Gonzalez, is six feet tall, weighs about 220 pounds, and has brown and gray hair and hazel eyes. He may also be going by the name, Robert Mayo.

His caregiver’s name is Martha Arellano, and she may also be going by the name Martha Gonzales, family members said.

They’re asking anyone who has seen Robert Gonzalez or who may have information on the whereabouts of Martha Arellano to contact Glenda Gonzalez at 512-413-0917.

“Just call me and let me know that he is okay,” Glenda Gonzalez said. “I just want to hear his voice and know that he is alright.”

Persons with information may also contact the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.