SOAR High School reigns again at Black Knowledge Bowl competition!

(L to R) Sarah Grace Durham, Jennifer Williams, Alexis Hithe and Emani Stanford won the Black365 Knowledge Bowl Competition Saturday.

PALMDALE – For months, Jennifer Williams, Emani Stanford, Alexis Hithe and Sarah Grace Durham gave up their weekends and spent working lunches boning up on African American culture, accomplishments and history.

Their hard work and discipline paid off Saturday, when the four SOAR High School seniors clinched victory for a second time at the Black365 Knowledge Bowl competition.

Founder Jamaal Brown and event coordinator Brittney M. Walker.

“The competition was fierce and intense,” said founder Jamaal Brown. “It actually came down to the final Knowledge Bowl question.”

The Black365 Knowledge Bowl Competition, now in its second year, is a jeopardy-style competition where students from different schools face off to test their knowledge of Black history.

The competition also serves another important purpose, Brown said.

“To show the community that there are students in our community who want information and want to be empowered by our collective past and collective history,” he said. “There are students out there who are more than athletes, drug dealers, gang members and entertainers, but are scholars and are inspired by our history.”

This year’s competition included four teams – The Super SAJE Sistah Squad from SOAR High School; the AV Scholars from Antelope Valley High School; the Freedom Riders from Pete Knight High School; and the Lady Saints from Animo Locke II Charter High School in Los Angeles.

Teams buzzed in on 101 questions covering various topics in Black history, including Great African Leaders, African Flags, Political Prisoners, Famous Lecturers, and Black Organizations.

By all accounts, the students performed exceptionally well.

“The students all rose to the occasion… their mastery of the information was truly impressive,” said Brown. “Those who attended were informed and entertained.”

The AV Scholars from Antelope Valley High School came in second in the intense competition.

The back-to-back champions from SOAR High School took home $150 cash and a Black365 Knowledge Bowl Trophy. Second place winners, The AV Scholars from Antelope Valley High School, took home $50 cash and medals.

Students in the competition said they took home something else – something much more valuable.

“An enriching experience on Black culture,” said SOAR team leader Jennifer Williams.

“I feel as though Black history is important for everyone, not just people of African American descent or people who have the color of black, but I think it’s important for everybody to know,” said SOAR team member Sarah Grace Durham.

Brown said many questions for the Knowledge Bowl competition came from the Black365 calendar, a 12-month wall calendar that highlights an event in Black History every day. For more information or to purchase a Black365 calendar, visit

Additionally, applications for participants and sponsors are now being accepted for next year’s Black365 Knowledge Bowl competition. For more information, visit

Several students showcased their knowledge of Black history Saturday at the Black365 Knowledge Bowl.

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  1. Yo Mama
    April 29, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    I’d love to post a comment, but Abdul, up there, took aaaaaaaaaaalll the available space! Retain a ghost writer next time there, Mr. history buff.

  2. Abdul Majeed Askia
    March 20, 2012 at 8:27 am

    I and you and we are the original people! That is, we all come from one source ! All the elements that exist in the earth are within us. We all
    are made of the elements within the universe,we eat,breath and walk and
    live on the same planet! As science will tell us we all once lived in
    the same location!However,a mad scientist came along with a color scheme
    and divided the people along color lines.Using the bible to define
    curse’s and racial superiority!Reality say’s clearly we are all from one
    source;however,Muslims,christians and Jews used the scripture to divide
    the people aong racial lines!Racism reigns until this day in all the faiths! Some muslims say “only the descendants of Ali should be the keepers
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    to the jews only along color lines!The christians say Jesus is God,and
    god is with,the chosen people is white,and the angels is white and the
    white man is the cream of the crop.Now you see why the world is in such a mess?!!! Everybody wants to be the one based on their color,race,religion,
    ethnicity,culture and nationality. Now theres some history for you!

    Its apparent we are all on this planet together and should getalong like
    Rodney King said “can’t we all get along!” Personally I don’t just
    believe we are ‘one ‘ it is crystal clear we are ‘one’. It is these
    divisive philosophies that seperate us!Look at Saudi Arabia in the year
    2012 denying women the right to vote and drive cars while the entire
    world is watching! 2012 and the priesthood is holding women down by
    mis-interpretation of the religion! I know, there is no priesthood in
    Islam.Yes it is!!!! The Qu’ran says there is no priesthood in Islam but
    reality say’s otherwise! Again the Qu’ran say’s there is no racial
    superiority but the priesthood is practicing slavery!!!

    Christians and muslims practiced slavery for sure! The middle eastern
    muslims are two faced, they pretend there is no racism in Islam when
    in reality they blantantly racist! Now its time for you students to
    do you history research and either confirm what I’ve said or disprove
    the above.

    In fact everyone is invited to the community round table to discuss
    community development so that we can all live in peace,the christian,
    Jew,muslimsatheist and people ingeneral! Lets rise above negativity!
    However,unless we know the heart of whats divideding us we will
    continue to perpetuate the same old life style. Jesus said know ye
    the truth and the truth shall set you free ! Moses/Jesus said love
    the lord thy God with all thy heart and your neighbor as yourself!
    Thats some deep history whether Jesus or Moses were black or white we
    should praticise these principles,if we can get passed the color!

    Of course Prophet Muhammad said there was no black over a white,and no
    white over a black, and no arab over a black and no black over an arab!
    Now thats good on papaer but that is not the reality when you live
    around these guys! feel free to contact and we can further
    discuss the present realities.

  3. Mario
    March 19, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    GO SOAR! :D

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