Rancho Vista Elementary gets 30 new computers, thanks to PTA

Every student at the school will have access to the new computers at least once a week.

The new computers have replace the lab's outdated computers that were nearly 10 years old.

PALMDALE – Rancho Vista Elementary held a ribbon cutting Monday to mark the grand opening of the school’s computer lab, which now features 30 new desktop computers.  The computers were a gift from the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

“They’ve been doing fundraising for several years and they amassed enough money to purchase all of these computers and completely update our lab,” said Principal Tom Morreale.

Morreale said the computers that were in the lab before were nearly 10 years old and severely outdated. As a result, students were not able to access academic programs and websites needed for the curriculum on the ancient computers, Morreale said.

The computers were a generous gift from the PTA.

“These new computers all have Internet access, they’re fast, they’re touch screen, they’re all wireless and the students can access a lot more websites and programs that can supplement and support our curriculum here at school,” Morreale said.

He said every student at Rancho Vista Elementary will have access to the new computers at least once a week for at least 45 minutes of scheduled time.

“They come in, the teachers have activities for the students ready to go and there’s an instructional aid in here to offer assistance to the students,” Morreale said.

“Most everything they do on here is Internet based and they’re going to be doing programs that supplement and support the academic program here at Rancho Vista,” Morreale continued. “Everything we do here at school is to support their academic program and we want their time in here to be as beneficial as possible to help them score better and achieve their academic potential.”

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  1. Jennifer Taylor
    March 5, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Thank you for showcasing our new computer lab at Rancho Vista!!!

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