Students take a stand against violence

Students in the "Save the Drama" Violence Prevention Club organized an anti-violence ceremony at Pete Knight High School Wednesday.

PALMDALE – The weather was bad, forcing the ceremony indoors and the crowd was sparse because many students thought they were too cool to take part; still the show went on for those students who chose to take a stand Wednesday evening.

Gail Knight called the event incredible, wonderful and positive.

Each student in the small group bravely took the microphone and recited a personal call to action to end violence and abuse in the community.

“Whether abuse is intentional or an act of the subconscious, it is wrong and should not be justified,” junior Wafiqah Shar told the audience.

“This is taking place everywhere we turn and our time is right now to make it all stop,” said senior Justin Spencer.

“We hope to raise awareness in both the community and schools, and call for people to act against abuse and contribute to a more peaceful environment,” said junior Amber Polson.

“I believe that if we come together as a school and community, we can make a difference in this world,” said freshman Stephen Morales. “So make a promise to yourself today, right now, and save the drama!”

Titled “A Moment to Remember,” the ceremony was organized by the ‘Save the Drama’ Violence Prevention Club, an organization formed by Pete Knight High School students to help prevent bullying and violence on campus and in the community.

“We really just want to get the word out about violence and abuse and why there is no need for it,” said club president Larren McGee. “If there is a fight going on, we split up the fight and say ‘save the drama!’ there is no need for it. Everybody should get along.”

Members of the LA Slam shared stories with students on how they overcame violence.

McGee said the club was formed in February of 2011 and has faced some challenges along the way, mainly lack of membership.

“As of right now people think they are too cool to be in the club, so we just deal with it,” she said.

Students in the club received some tall words of encouragement Wednesday. Several members of Antelope Valley’s professional basketball team, the Los Angeles Slam, attended the ceremony and shared with the students personal stories of how they rose above gangs, violence and crime in their communities growing up.

Coach Don Sanchez talked of being bullied so bad he stopped going to school for several months and was forced to repeat the seventh grade.

Students released red and white ballons in honor of those affected by violence and abuse.

“That’s something that holds dear to me, I never told anyone that story before,” Sanchez said. “I hate to see other people go through that.”

Local rap group, West Republic, and Gail Knight, widow of the school’s namesake, William J. “Pete” Knight, also attended the ceremony. Knight commended the students for their courage in taking a stand against violence.

“I think it’s incredible, it’s wonderful, it’s all positive,” Knight said.

Students ended their ceremony by releasing red and white balloons into the air to remember victims and survivors of abuse and violence.

  4 comments for “Students take a stand against violence

  1. Abdul Majeed Askia
    March 6, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    It takes a very healthy and secure minded person to rise above violence. Yes,when you feel good about yourself and you know who and what you are you
    don’t waste your time trying to prove yourself to some misguided person.

  2. S Medrano
    February 16, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    I applaud Pete Knight & Del Sur for their PBS special…if bringing awareness protects & saves just one child, then we’ve done our job! Which School District will be next?

    • Abdul Majeed Askia
      February 22, 2012 at 10:25 am

      If we honestly desire to address violence we have to take under consideration not only the thoughts we think as individuals but
      also the entire layout of our society: The music,the entertainment
      world,the magzines and books that we read and of course our associations. Unfortunately much of the lyrics these days deal
      with killings, mayhem,gore and violence of every type. In fact many
      have their sounds on blast indicating bad attitude,rage,hostility,
      anger,insensitivity,bitterness and the fact that he or she will
      bring it on. When addressing violence or anything these days we have
      a tendency to address it on a superficial level. We don’t like to face off on industries, companies and those who manufacture material
      encouraging violence ! Even though we may say to ‘ youngsters ‘ you
      shouldn’t be so violent or upset, while at the same time everything
      around them ‘spells’ violence ! In fact our society is armed to the teeth with weapons ! Gun sells is at an all time high! Why ? Because
      a greater many of us intend to solve problems with mo0re violence !
      Teenagers notice that their parents have all the latest weaponry as well
      as they listen to and watch their parents reactions to events that occur
      in society as the parents rush to the gun shop as the ultimate solution!
      What communication skills ! What about the chocies you make in life ?
      What about addressing life style and association ? What about addressing
      all the social ills that indirectly contribute to violence ? What about
      a peace movement and or a movement that is designed to educate people
      about all the senseless violence in our communities. Believe me we are
      all affected one way or another. IT is certainly a good thing for the youth to address bulling and school violence. We, as a whole,should make
      a collective effort.

      • Abdul Majeed Askia
        February 23, 2012 at 9:07 pm

        We applaud the students stand agaist violence and bullies. At the
        heart of or root of addressing bullies is basically confused individuals ! Yes, I have thousands of conversations with bullies
        and you will find a person that was either mistreated and/or
        broken hearted ! This is the case with most wayward people. Some
        where in their lives either they or someone that the loved was mistreated;therefore,he or she ends up taking their frustration,pain and anger out on someone else-some innocent person that is totally disconnected with the original pain. I have never been a bully but I have had to deal with bullies !

        I know pain first hand ! I had and uncle and aunt that was killed
        when I was only seven years of age,my mother was shot when I was
        only eight years old ! I don’t have to tell you my world was turned up-side down ! At such and early age I became mad at the
        world. Mine you,I was shown a tremendous amount of love within
        my inner circle,thats why I was so upset with the outside world
        bring harm to people that I loved so dearly! Thus, I know what
        it feels like to lose love one’s via violence. At heart I am a
        loving person because I was wrapped in alot of love within my family. At the same time I became very skeptical of people outside of my inner circle. I know how people get off track and
        become hostile! There is a method to the madness! I know how it
        starts and I have an idea how to address it. We must learn to go
        to the root of things and not just the surface or superficial

        I have made a many mistakes and bad chocies. I had to back track
        to see how I got caught up, how I went of the deep end from my
        original self,my original up bringing. I decided I must take a stand, I must stand up for what is right. I can’t undue the past,
        I can do nothing about yesterday or yester year but I can seize
        the moment and Live in the now and share my insight to help better the lives of up-coming generations.

        There is a way out of negativity. There is a way to reach people
        when we make collective efforts. It is not a matter of fault finding and condemning anyone. It is knowing the solution ! The
        knowledge you have, the better understanding and insight you
        have in addressing the situation. Jails are just temporary. Jails
        and prisons are only bandaids and we can’t build enough prisons
        to contain the social ills we have. However, we can began to take
        notice of all the senseless violence,suicides, and destructive behavior in our communities and ask ourselves why ? What is at
        the root of this behavior ?

        No matter the hatred,no matter the rejection,no matter the self destructive criticism you can rise above the ill will of others!
        With the proper knowldge and the proper focus you can win against
        all odds! Its all in your head ! It may sound simple or hard to
        believe but our thoughts,perceptions and how we see things is
        at the root of the problem. I have given my life over to solutions and I am stepping up and stepping out in the field
        regardless of what the nay sayers say-and i am saying to everybody out their your life can be better and you can have inner peace!You can change your thoughts and change your life for the better. Abdul Majeed Askia/

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