Construction begins on Quartz Hill Drain Project

Quartz Hill – Construction began Monday on the Quartz Hill Drain Project, a flood control system in the downtown Quartz Hill business district and adjacent areas expected to improve the long term maintenance and condition of the roads and remediate the flooding issues that have plagued area residents and motorists for years.

The multimillion project was initiated by Los Angeles County.

“It’s a nearly $16 million project that will be without any delay and operating safely for the community by November of this year,” said Supervisor Michael Antonovich Monday.

The County Public Works Department released this picture as an example of the severe flooding that has plagued Quartz Hill in recent years.

Antonovich said, thanks to the new project, the public won’t have to read about “children having to be ferried to their classes or watching cars float down the avenue.”

The Quartz Hill project consists of construction of a new underground storm drain system along 50th Street W between Avenue K and Avenue M-8, and road improvement through Quartz Hill downtown. Currently, the Quartz Hill community does not have an underground storm drain system, which results in severe flooding and significant disruptions when it rains.

The new drainage system and road improvement is designed to keep the streets of Quartz Hill dry during future storm events. The project is within the unincorporated community of Quartz Hill and City of Lancaster and will be built at no added tax or assessments to the property owners.

Starting at Avenue M-4 near Palmdale, the storm drain line runs north under 50th Street West and will connect to the City of Lancaster’s existing 96-inch underground storm drain line at Avenue K. Lateral lines on either side of the new underground storm drain line will drain water off the adjacent streets that are subject to flooding.

The Quartz Hill Road Improvement project includes road improvement work which consists of the resurfacing and reconstruction of roads that are in poor condition or removed to allow installation of the new underground storm drain pipes.

The work extends along 50th Street West starting at Avenue K and ends at Avenue N in the unincorporated Community of Quartz Hill; plus portions of Avenue M, Avenue M-4, Avenue M-8 and Avenue L-4 where lateral storm drain lines will connect to the main storm drain line.

Project Phases include:

  • Phase A: Avenue K to Avenue L (10 weeks)
  • Phase B: Avenue L to Avenue L-8 (6 weeks)
  • Phase C: Avenue L-8 to Avenue N (23 weeks)

(Information via the Los Angeles County Department Public Works.)