Alert passerby thwarts school burglary

PALMDALE – A passerby helped solve a burglary before it occurred at the Palmdale Learning Plaza Saturday evening.

The following is the news release from the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station:

The passerby told the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station they witnessed a Nissan Armada SUV drop off the two, dressed in dark clothing, in front of the school. The two suspects then jumped over the fence of the school grounds and disappeared into the interior of the campus.

Palmdale Deputies established a perimeter around the school and were about to make entry when the station was notified of an alarm activation in one of the school’s classrooms. Shortly after, deputies saw the two suspects running from the school campus out onto the grass field north of the school. Deputies detained the suspects along with a rolling basket containing items taken from the school.

During their investigation deputies identified the suspects had broken into two of the classrooms. They used a rock to shatter the windows and a stick to open the doors from the inside.

Once inside, the two began ransacking the classrooms looking for personal belongings left in the desks at the location. They collected the items including loose cash, a cell phone, pocket knife, snacks, etc. and placed the items into the rolling basket from a storage closet in one of the classrooms. The two then left the school and found the deputies waiting outside.

Both suspects were transported and booked at Palmdale Station for Burglary charges, and were subsequently released to their parents. School officials place the damage caused by the two around $1,000.