Palmdale to host 2012 Amgen Tour of CA

Palmdale host 2012 Amgen tour 1

This was the scene at the starting line at Poncitlán Square, Palmdale at the 2010 Amgen Tour of California.

PALMDALE – The City of Palmdale has been selected as one of the 13 official Host Cities for the 2012 Amgen Tour of California, considered America’s largest and most prestigious professional road cycling stage race.

Mayor Jim Ledford announces the news at a press conference Thursday.

The City held a press conference Thursday to announce the news.

“This is the largest annual spectator sporting event in California and the largest cycling even in North America with more than 2 million annual spectators,” Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford said. “The tour features the best cyclists in the world with riders representing 29 countries… and there will be an entourage of over a thousand riders, event staff, and media following the events, all coming to Palmdale.”

Ledford says the tour will also bring countless other visitors and tourist dollars to Palmdale, benefitting the City’s restaurants, hotels and retail establishments.

“With 2012 being Palmdale’s 50th anniversary of being incorporated, it is even more fitting the Amgen Tour of California is one of our featured events to celebrate that milestone,” Ledford said.

Palmdale participated in the 2010 Amgen Tour of California as a fill-in for Pasadena and had just six weeks to pull off the event, said City officials.

“I think we did a magnificent job assisting AEG’s efforts in producing a highly recognized event here,” said Parks & Recreations Manager Keri Brady. “We now have a full six months to put together the event this year, and with the creativity of staff combined with the input and partnerships of individual businesses and organizations in the community, we’ll be able to create an even more memorable event this year.”

2010 Amgen Tour of California.

The seventh consecutive edition of the Amgen Tour of California will travel more than 750 miles from May 13-20, 2012.  The 13 Host Cities for the tour include:

  • Stage 1: Sunday, May 13 – Santa Rosa
  • Stage 2: Monday, May 14 – San Francisco to Santa Cruz County
  • Stage 3: Tuesday, May 15 – San Jose to Livermore
  • Stage 4: Wednesday, May 16 – Sonora (new for 2012) to Clovis
  • Stage 5: Thursday, May 17 – Bakersfield (Individual Time Trial)
  • Stage 6: Friday, May 18 – Palmdale to Big Bear Lake
  • Stage 7: Saturday, May 19 – Ontario (new for 2012) to Mt. Baldy
  • Stage 8: Sunday, May 20 – Los Angeles/L.A. LIVE

For 2012, Amgen will return as the title sponsor for the seventh consecutive year, continuing to leverage the race to raise awareness of the important resources available to people affected by cancer through its Breakaway from Cancer® initiative.

Local cyclists attended the press conference Thursday.

Additionally, sponsorships of various kinds will be available to connect the local business community with the international event. Businesses and individuals interested in sponsorships can contact Stella Knight at 661-267-5599.

The City is also looking for volunteers.

“We’ll be engaging volunteers to serve in various capacities leading up to and including the race itself,” said Community Program Supervisor Trish Jones. “This truly is a great opportunity for residents to get involved and help show the world what a great community we have here in Palmdale.”

For further information on the 2012 Amgen Tour of California visit

Each Host City created a short video introducing their town and the Stage they will be hosting, and the videos were combined into a presentation that showcases all host cities. The City of Palmdale appears at the 3:28 mark, with Ledford introducing the City, in the video below.

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  1. John Mlynar
    November 4, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    Yeah, well the Mayan prediction of the end of the world could happen, too, and that would certain throw a wrench in things. The Poppy Festival goes on year in year out in the really windy month of May, and it is a huge hit no matter what. The Amgen Tour in 2010 in Palmdale was what they call a “chamber of commerce day.” I remember talking to the reporters from LA who were covering the race and commenting on how nice the weather was. It told them about our legendary winds but it was so beautiful that morning, I’m not sure they believed me!:) Rain, sun, snow, wind…or gorgeous weather, the race is on! Can’t wait!

    • William
      November 4, 2011 at 11:06 pm

      When I moved here in 1990, I really noticed the wind but now, if it isn’t windy for weeks and months, I miss it. They must miss the wind at times even in Chicago.

  2. Palmdale_Steve
    November 4, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Could get interesting with the weather here in mid May, sometimes rainy, usually windy.

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