Introducing our new Health & Foods section

HEALTH – Have you ever thought of combining pumpkin, salsa and ginger in a soup? How about pumpkin cheesecake, oatmeal pumpkin cranberry cookies, or sweet potato/yam sauce as a topping on yogurt? Not many of us have, but these combinations make for tasty, mouthwatering treats.

These and other unique recipes will be highlighted as part of “Mama Vega presents… The Good Stuff!” which will run weekly under our Health and Foods section.

The new feature will be presented by the newest contributor to The Antelope Valley Times — Nutrition Chef, Instructor, and Entrepreneur, Charmene Vega. (Read more on Vega here)

“I don’t want people to look at cooking as a chore, but to look at cooking as something that’s creative and fun, something that can be anything you want,” says Vega. “It’s just a matter of looking into your cupboards and seeing what’s there, and then creating something tasty out of it; it doesn’t ever have to be expensive.”

Vega should know. Vega is the brainchild behind Mama Vega’s Products, a line of salsas, spreads, sauces, and tamales, which has earned national recognition for blending locally grown, fresh vegetables with no added preservatives. Mama Vega’s Products feature 44 different sauces and marinades that cover the gamut from a Kiwi Fig Spread all the way up to a Habanero Tamarind hot sauce.

The Good Stuff will feature weekly recipes that draw on the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in season for the month and national health observances for the month.

In addition to combining unique ingredients into tasty recipes, The Good Stuff will also feature useful information on healthy living, nutrition and wellness information, from several local health experts.

“Mama Vega presents… The Good Stuff!” will debut Wednesday, October 12th, with the recipe to pumpkin, salsa and ginger soup. The entrée was a hit with those who attended the one-year anniversary celebration of India Sweets and Spices Saturday.

The Good Stuff will then run weekly on Wednesdays after its debut. You can send any comments or suggestions for what you would like to see featured in The Good Stuff to

  2 comments for “Introducing our new Health & Foods section

  1. October 19, 2011 at 3:23 am

    mamavega products are the bomb:0)I have told all my friends to go Albertson to buy her products. Not only are they healthy they taste great. Normally what taste good is not very good for us. To get the best of both is God send. Thank you mamavega for your compassionate heart to start the process of healing our world.May God richly bless you and your family:0)

  2. Tania Scott
    October 12, 2011 at 10:10 am

    This is a great idea. Any help with utilizing what we already are familiar with to create healthy tasty foods is always welcome. Thanks you.

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