Red-flag warning for lightning, brush fire in Antelope Valley

lightning imageThe National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for Antelope Valley Friday, indicating that scattered thunderstorms could produce dry lightning, which could ignite rapid-spreading brush fires. The red flag warning will be in effect until 11 p.m. this evening.

According to the National Weather Service’s website, this red flag warning means that critical fire weather conditions are occurring now, or will shortly, including:

Thunderstorms: Widely scattering thunderstorms, which may produce dry lightning later today and continue through this evening.

Gusty outflow winds. Any thunderstorms that develop today will be capable of producing wind gusts up to 40 mph.

Dry lightning strikes. Any lightning strikes will be capable of igniting a fire, which would spread rapidly due to gusty winds.

For more information on this forecast and warning, visit the National Weather Service’s website. For information on safety precautions for hazardous weather, visit Severe Weather Awareness page.